So Alex is now Regional head of North America

Last time I looked North America was call the United States Of America (USA).
Yup one of the most if not the most prominent and powerful country in the world.
I am not being critical just wondering, so Alex is going to lead Nem into the USA?
Sounds like quite a task…


yes, I believe so. NEM is opening an office in Austin, Texas. I for one am looking forward to this addition :slight_smile:

check this out if you haven’t:

What I’m wondering is who is going to be head of communications now and whether or not Inside NEM will continue. I mean they can’t possibly think it’s a good idea to communicate less can they ?

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Well there is meant to be updates posted regularly here on the forum.

Here it is :

Under Announcements.
I like inside Nem yet YouTube is so overrated for content.
Actually I do not know if inside Nem will continue or not anyway.

Thanks for reaching out. I am actively leading North America (with the blessing of the Council and devs) which includes the United States and Canada. Mexico will remain under the lead of Pedro Gutierrez. For the past year, I’ve worked closely alongside the NEM Foundation, Tech Bureau and specifically Jeff McDonald/Lon Wong/Kristof Van de Reck/Stephen Chia to build strong partnerships - some of which will be announced very soon.

I have always done more than just the Inside NEM video series. The community knows me as this but my role from the beginning was much deeper than just doing videos.

I am armed with over two decades of software analytics, marketing, and community development experience, with a focus on online gaming. I’ve worked on some of the world’s first digital tradable assets in Pokémon Online and Magic: The Gathering Online. Not to mention I’ve led launches for League of Legends, the world’s number one grossing PC game, as well as product launches for Xbox and Raptr, a game data analytics startup. There are strong parallels in online gaming and the world of blockchain/cryptocurrencies - from guilds, to online marketplaces, to gamification and digital assets. You can read more about my career on LinkedIn here:

Career Highlights:
• 20+ years consumer and B2B product marketing experience with top brands in software, hi-tech, gaming, entertainment, and online services.
• 20+ years of people & team leadership.
• Solid track record of product launches across blockchain, mobile, console, web, Linux, PC, and Mac.
• Experience in marketing to males & females, 8-50, from early adopters to mass market.
• B.A. in Liberal Arts from the University of Washington, Seattle.

• B2B and B2C Project Management
• Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Marketing
• App Development Strategy
• Business Development & Strategic Partnerships
• Go-to-Market Launch & Sustain Planning
• Event Support Management
• Partner/Account Relationship Management
• Content Strategy
• Video Production + Photography
• Game Design + Gamification

Achievements for NEM (in under a year):
–I created Inside NEM. I researched, wrote, filmed, edited, created graphics, and interviewed global teams and partners for 45 episodes of Inside NEM.
–I grew Inside NEM to have ~14K Twitter followers and 4,200+ YouTube subscribers.
–I’ve represented NEM at tradeshows and events around the world including the United Nations, the opening of NEM Bar in Japan, multiple Consensus shows and many more.
–I’ve built strong working relationships with NEM’s global teams, Tech Bureau, countless partners building on NEM, our community, and NEM’s core developers.
–I’ve secured partnerships that the community will soon learn more about.
–I led communications during the Coincheck theft crisis, the NEM Foundation reorg, the confusion around Petro as well as other notable incidents.
– I work with our public relations team, our community, our global regions, and national media. I also act as a conduit for information with national and local law enforcement across many countries.
–I led media training for the entire NEM company.
–I contributed to the NEM website redesign and marketing strategy in 2017.
–I’m a proud investor and believer in XEM.

What you will see from me in the coming months as I continue to work alongside the Council, Tech Bureau, the core devs and the global teams is transparency and outcomes from the efforts to grow NEM in North America. I am hyper-focused on results and have complete support of the NEM team.

Don’t underestimate my contributions. I am more ninja than rockstar. I’ve been preparing for a challenge like this my entire career and the teams that will be working alongside me to build North America are skilled, effective, humble and agile. Anyone who has worked alongside me knows I lead by empowering others.

And it’s not a task. It’s a calling.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.


Well, if that doesn’t shut down our regular parade of mindless passive aggressive comments then I’m a Dutchman.

And I’m not.



Amazing response.


Alexandra has the full support of Devslopes and Blockstart and we are eager to do whatever we can to assist her and NEM in North America.

After working with Alex it is clear to see she is definitely the right person for the job. #hustler


Alex is awesome, not to mention a great leader! She has been nothing but supportive to the myCoinvest team here in Atlanta, and we are super optimistic about the future of NEM in North America under her leadership.

We look forward to helping advance the cause under her direction! :smile:


Yeah, you are the best that happened to NEM, we never had more modest, more hardworking, more genuine and authentic, such a helpful person. I believe NEM will grow tremendously in North America because of your actions. I can’t wait to start cooperating with you to bring more NEM awareness in the Western Canada regions.

Hi Alex
Great response, I think it’s only normal for people to ask questions now and again and I am glad I did. I am always a little skeptical about many things and yes it is not always the healthiest attitude in life but it does often yeild information.

I have never been to the USA and maybe my perceptions of it are wrong, but I would think it is larger and more diverse than most would beleive.
Indeed you would be familiar with the landscape and that alone speaks volumes.

All the best with it and I will be ordering my Lambo this afternoon!
Just kidding!

Sincerely best wishes with the new position and I will be following the updates with all the NEMbers here.



Hey Dan,
I appreciate that you asked about this and I think this is a fair request for all NEM Regional leaders - not just me. Kristof will share more of his vision and strategy for the Foundation in the coming days. For me, NEM has been a positive experience and I appreciate the support of the community, partners, and devs. Every region is a group effort and we’re doing the best we can. Constructive feedback and questions like what you asked are part of how we do better. So thanks.


:slight_smile: woot!!! go Alex!!!

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Way to go Alexandra,

I know you’ve got big plans for us here. Please let me know how I can help here in Alabama!
You’ve always kept your cool, despite some pretty snarky backbiting. I’m confident you’re the right person for this job.

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Let’s Rock NEM Alex!

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Wooot!!! You go girl! All the best NEM North America!!!

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Full support from NEM Australia and New Zealand and we are looking forward to build cross-border networks within NEM and with the world as well!


Very best wishes of success @Inside_NEM !
It takes a brave mind to overcome the greatest challenges.

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Great stuff, glad you decided to take the leap.
I have not doubt. We need a President and Vice President with Nem experience. Only Council member maybe to the board, if you as me.
I think you are a solid candidate, you have great excitement in what you do and if you don’t understand something, you are willing to admit it and ask to improve on it.
I hope it goes well for you Alex!