So where is my XYM? -_-

So, I have held XEM since last year before I knew of the airdrop. I opted-in on my desktop wallet and it said “opt-in finished and then proceeded with please update blah blah”.

The snapshot was supposed to be on the 12th/13th and I see now it was delayed until the 15th??

I had already moved my xem and put it into another crypto. Now, I created my symbol wallet and imported my XEM private key, there is no xym anywhere. So I’m confused about what going on.


Hi. You opted-in to this address:

Coins are available. Just import your mnemonic you received during opt-in.

Hi, I’m just now seeing this notification. So, that’s the issue. I never did receive a mnemonic phase. It gave me the "Opt In has finished, please update your wallet to get the latest details
" and I had the latest version.

I figured it out. I guess they recently came out with another update to the NEM desktop wallet so now I can claim. Perfect.

Curious, where did you pull that address from on my NEM address? Also, I just claimed my XEM but for some reason, it’s not in the symbol wallet.

You already opted-in pre-launch so you can’t do it again.
I can see based on your opt-in transaction which was made in October:

You of course received mnemonic. Reminder: