[SOLVED] Can't Send XYM from Symbol Wallet because of fee

I can not send XYM from the XYM Symbol wallet, because the “minimal fee multiplier for the currently selected node is 25”. The drop down for Fee does not give me an option for 25 or to enter my own value. All the presets are below the required 25. I checked all 36 available nodes and the minimal fee is all 25 or usually much higher! How do I resolve this. Screen shots attached.

It doesn’t mean you have to pay 25 XYM for transfer :slight_smile: Just select option that sets for you wallet. Multiplier is used to calculate fees presented on selectbox.

lol you’re right. The actual problem was that I had cut and pasted my account balance (which included a comma) so the send function would not work. Once I removed the comma and reduced the transfer balance by the fee amount it worked! Thanks

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