Solved - ignore - found there already is a rich list

So I recently had the idea of selling off a bunch of self made mosaic/tokens. I was curious, is there a way Nem could implement a Mosaic rich list feature. This way , we can track to what Nem Addresses our Mosaic belongs to & perhaps % of overall funds owned per each account.

For example:
Address 1: 25% 5,000 units
Address 2: 14.52% 4,600 units
Address 3: 35% 6,400 units
Address 4: 25% 5,000 units

Another example:
Person one owns 10% of the overall tokens & sells off 5% to another person. Could this all be tracked through the Mosaic rich list where it now shows each person owns a percent of the overall market of tokens. Something as simple as a mosaic toggle feature to allow users to see the rich list vs not allow the mosaic to show a rich list.

Let me know your thoughts if this would be possible? Some people say you could code it, but it would be interesting if this was a built in feature with a toggle option to show a rich list or not show a rich list. (Granted some may choose to toggle the rich list off while others may want it on based on the project itself).

Yes. You already found it but indeed it’s already implemented in explorer (tab rich list):