[SOLVED] Same password, but not valid on new wallet

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to migrate from my desktop wallet version Beta 1.4.13 to the new 2.4.7 -optin version.

After installation, importing my wallet and entering my password, I always got the same message: Provided password is not valid.

I know for sure it’s the right password, because I still can login to my current wallet (1.4.13) with that password.

I’m using OS windows 7.

Hope someone can help me solving this problem.


You also have the option to import the private key.

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That would be strange that password is invalid.
You can also export private key from 1.4.13 (There is option to do this by clicking Account in top right corner).
Next import existing key into Desktop wallet Sign up -> Private key wallet option.


Today I tried it again and this time my password was accepted.