Some more Promotion

Hey guys,

I am new to the forum but have been involded with BTC and NXT for quite a while.

NEM looks very good and although it does not really exist yet it has an amazing community already.

Recently I started a website where I post stuff related to Cryptocurrency and what I eventually wanna do is focus more on tutorials for non-tech-savvy people to help with the adoption of crypto.

So what seems like a good ideas to me is writing an article about NEM because between all the shitty clone-coins this seems like a refreshingly serious approach to really do create something that makes a difference. Besides all the technical facts and features I wanted to hear from you guys what that is in your eyes that sets NEM apart from the 1.0 cryptos.

For me that would be things like better initial distribution, not a huge waste of energy like BTC (NXT already implemented that) and so on.


oh cool didn't see that one.

all the information seems to be scattered across so many mile-long threads.