Some thoughts from Steve Li, NEM China

Dear Community,
I’m Steve Li from NEM China. I was very lucky to be assigned to lead NEM China team for the past one year and a half.

Now I’m running for council member. My policy file can be found at here:

Why am I running?
I think that to be a council member is to serve the community. I am running not only because some of my good friends and colleagues asked me to run, more importantly I feel the responsibility that I need to carry for NEM China community as well as NEM Global.

China has long been a mysterious part of NEM family, large in population, many great opportunities everywhere. We have and wechat:nemxem continuouly posting news about NEM China and NEM Global.

In order to serve the community better. NEM China has permanent staff in 5 major cities in China Mainland as well as Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan. We were doing all we can to promote NEM to the whole Great China Region. I am meeting all those companies and institutions in the industry and have got something to share with you.

Here are some of my sharing:

A. Why CATAPULT is the TOP1 priority for NEM?

Catapult is important to NEM not only because it’s a great solution for companies and individuals.
a. Catapult uses a GNU license which is also known as copyleft. Many opportunities have faded during the last year in NEM China just because NEM 1.0 isn’t open sourced. We need to all applause for the OPEN SOURCE of NEM 2.0 Catapult.

b. Catapult shows the progress of NEM technology since 2016.

As many of you have already known, NEM scores terribly in some of China’s public chain rating reports:

We’ve went to this rating agency (CCID) and had been in continuous conversation with them yet the reason why we score so little in creativity is a painful picture.
b-1. Low number of forks and stars in the Github repository.
b-2. Low activities in Github repository:
b-3. Catapult isn’t online so that they don’t take Catapult Github repository into consideration.
b-4. NEM has no on-chain smart contract, NEM don’t support EVM.

I don’t agree with fact b-4 is a weakness but the other three are the true pain point for NEM.
See here:Why no NEM Virtual Machine?
Therefore, what we do here in NEM China is that we will set up a small COE in Chengdu to help speed up Catapult release. At the same time, we are doing a lot of university lecture and blockathon for NEM, to plant seeds for more devs on NEM. Also I’m supporting everyone who share the some concern with me.

B. When will NEM reach $1 again?

No one in the NF wants to talk about coin price, neither do I.
But this is what really matter for the non-tech community in NEM and this is surely very important to many supernodes owner, not all of them are building supernodes for none-profit.

Here’s the simplest way to understand XEM price.
XEM’s value comes from the value of transactions.

Here the value is refer to the economic values created by transactions in whole NEM network. The creator of NEM understand this deeply so that POI is also calculated by transactions send out of a certain address.

If we want a high coin price, what we actually need is more transactions on chain. This will not just happen because we have good technology. Today in China has a 40 people team working on their blockchain solution for supplychain, they’ve considered NEM but then they learned from NEM and strat building features similar to NEM in their own blockchain. NEM may have a good technology, but we are not yet the best solution for blockchain.

What’s NEM tech’s strength then? Decentralized community. Only by engaging the whole community to do the development of NEM tech together do we stand a change fighting against the real competitors.

At the very beginning, we reward NEM’s wallet and explorer from community fund. NEM need reward people who build infrastructure for it instead of projects build on it.

However, if we do wish to invest some good ICO projects on NEM. The community fund need take back tokens from projects invested at seed round valuation. Otherwise it’s not acceptable.

New exchanges can bring good new volume to NEM. In the past one year, I had led NEM to be listed on 7 exchanges including, and But now XEM had been listed on almost most of the major exchanges, we need shift our focus towards the GROW of NEM COMMUNITY and I hope progress could be seen in the near future.

C. What do I think about the election?

The community has definitely seen enough fights and attacks against each other in the past few weeks. I can understand that none of those are personal, and they just share different views on the future for NEM.

I bet most of you have seen through the fights between bitcoin ABC and bitcoin SV. Crashing the whole market, separate the community.

I want to see NO FORK on NEM community nor on foundation because after all we are on the same NEM boat. Don’t crash it with disagreement and fighting. Our real threat lies outside the foundation not within.

This winter might be cold and long, and it has already come.

When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

Thank you all for attention.

Steve Li
Regional Head of NEM China


NEM China has performed well bringing in AAA partnerships like Gifto. Having worked alongside you (including speaking at events with you) for the past few years, it’s easy for me to see how much the Council could benefit from having you on it. Thanks for making this post in the forum.


It is a great feeling to see Steve put his hand for council position. I have met Steven several times and they have always been warm to invite me to their offices and their activities, although Vietnam is supposed to be under SEA leadership and separate from China.

The hospitality and invitation to work together on some projects and even just mentorship support, I cherish and hope we can replicate globally.

China is often under the radar because they have a strong censorship machine in China on Telegram / Twitter and many other Western social media outlets.

Without any doubt China has done alot and will continue to do so. I support Steve on his bid for council, irrespective of my own success or not. The spirit of collaboration and community is key, and I know the Chinese team has always lived it.


Thanks, Kimble!

Thanks, Alex~NEM China has always appreciate your fantastic work on inside NEM and support for NEM China and the whole community. You’ll have my support as well~

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Agree with you Kimble!
Steve is leading NEM China very well, besides I think he can do a lot for NEM globally being in the council.
I voted for him! (and for you) you are such a professional in Vietnam!