Something about 2018/2019 members

Greetings to the entire Nembers community! One question, will members who receive the 2018/2019 member token someday have any incentive as differentiated members? Since we are few the community can be thankful for those of us who exhaustively follow the details, news and developments of the new Council. (I’m not asking for anything, it’s just a comment) :wink: @jason.lee @Inside_NEM @n3lz0n ??

Hi @eddy, we are working on ensuring members for 2018/2019 will have updated information especially on our progress

Meantime, we will be posting community-wide updates for now. A lot of our effort is focused on preparing to have strong Foundation structure for the launch of Catapult.

Here are some of the updates we have been posting in the meantime:

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Thanks @jason.lee . Good job!! All for NEM!! :wink:

Cheers, thanks Eddy. We hope to provide an update soon.

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