Sorry but I have to vent this


Yes I agree.
I also get some really weird and nasty stuff in my youtube feed and I am not even logged on (no account), stuff like exotic diseases, animal cruelty, racism, very young women in all manner of click bait poses etc etc…
Hey I can take a joke but please YouTube, stop frying my brain!
Mate it is so messed up, who knows, I may even have to read a book!


Bit of an offtopic to the offtopic here, but speaking about deleting your Facebook account, I recently installed Opera just because I hadn’t used it for 10 years I guess and I saw they have a sidebar on the left side that has integrated among other functions the messenger, whatsapp and telegram apps. I cannot tell you how great this is, because now I literally don’t have a reason to open Facebook anymore (and I haven’t), I simply pull out the messenger app from the sidebar (and that was 95% of my reason for using Facebook).


YouTube is scary as is a lot of the social media, for example if I want to make a comment I have to sign in/ sign up, and they pretty much want your phone number or email address to do so… badda bing, they want your identity!
Why? well so they can monitor anything you say.
Why? Because making money and the truth do not actually walk hand in hand.



How do we fight that shit?! Today people get tracked even if they do not use
google or any of those social media because there are to many links to this services.
Even this forum loads some shit from google servers.

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Well… there’s always these that reduces “shit” :slight_smile:

Ad server blocks through hosts file:

And the all glorious Pi-Hole (I love it!):
(It blocks aroun 140k ad-, malware-, etc servers)

When I started using these (years ago), my browsing experience went from “meh” to “oh… internet can be this fast?!”.

Also, your browsing experience wont most propably suffer too much if you delete all cookies and cache when browser is closed. If you have sites that you want to save login information (e.g. forums to be accessed without fuzz), use different browser for that (Opera is nice <3).

How to fight? Use.alternatives. Youtube (etc. conglomerates) only change policies after governments force them…


I agree that seeing these ads is so annoying and kinda spying on you, but I also think that we are paying a small price for having omnipresent Internet that can answer any question we ask. I am fine with it. Isn’t it possible to block such ads with some kind of premium account? Haven’t explored the option myself yet

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I use Adblock program in my browser. It’s much easier now when different ads don’t interrupt while browsing.


Dan exactly this and many other complaints in thread are being directly addressed by the Brave browser & BAT utility token.


I see. I was using AdBlock in the past, but ads were not completely blocked, though. I guess I hadn’t tuned it correctly


You can view program settings, maybe some options are turned off
Adblock really helps


Can’t imagine my life without youtube now :frowning: There is so much info on different subjects
P.S. oh, you are talking about facebook - then I don’t like this platform either


I would even agree with you here. Youtube takes a lot of time, you just find yourself browsing it all the way long.


Ok, I know it but what can be done to you unless you live in a totalitarian country?


Sometimes I catch myself thinking that Youtube is like a drug: once you open a video and then can’t help but watch more and more :sweat_smile:


What do you usually watch on Youtube?


Could you advise me one of your favourite channels?


I do the same and have not had any annoying problems so far. Of course, it does not involve such platforms as YouTube cause the adds are build up there.


Have the same problem. Sometimes you have to cut yourself off of the YouTube to go for a walk or do some housework

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Music videos, sports and healthy lifestyle vids, documentaries, etc


Okay. Do you have a favourite video blogger?