Sorry but I have to vent this

What do you usually watch on Youtube?

Could you advise me one of your favourite channels?

I do the same and have not had any annoying problems so far. Of course, it does not involve such platforms as YouTube cause the adds are build up there.

Have the same problem. Sometimes you have to cut yourself off of the YouTube to go for a walk or do some housework

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Music videos, sports and healthy lifestyle vids, documentaries, etc

Okay. Do you have a favourite video blogger?

Sure, this one

Wow, this nature is too beautiful
Gonna subscribe, thanks!

What about you? What is your favourite channel?

Thanks! I will watch her videos!

Actually I do not usually watch YouTube. But if I watch I always choose something that can helps me to broaden the horizons.

what do you usually watch?

And what would you advise?

which channels do you prefer then?

You mean some educational videos?

It depends. I like watching both entertaining and instructive programs
What about you?

Sometimes I enjoy watching how people used to dress in the past

Not necessarily, something that you like to watch

Oh, I know this channel, it’s amazing

What kind of educational programs do you watch?