Special Mosaics Idea


Hi, I am thinking in how the developers can improve NEM, and i have some ideas in some catapult’s plugins:

MainNet special mosaics plugin:
- nem.special:exchange - (require multifirm account & other security mechanisms) They dont have PoI, or can not vote with PoI.
- nem.special:council_member - (a nember account can not have any other special mosaic)
- nem.special:special_mosaics_admin - (multifirm account, 7-of-10 nem.special:council_member for example, or 2-of-3 nem.special:original_developers, or both with a multilevel multifirm account)
- nem.special:data_blocked - (data of this account are inaccesible via API) (GDPR) this mosaic can be self-create for everyone (High cost fee), and only visible by nem.special:special_mosaics_admin
- nem.special:only_read_account - any user can read only access to this account and read cypher messages sent to it, while has the special mosaic - I will send another idea with this special mosaic soon. Spoiler: You can send a cypher message to a normal address, and program than in a month, send this mosaic to this account, so everyone can read the message.
- nem.special:recicled_bin - (users can send mosaics free to this account, and can be recovered in 3 month, at standard cost, if not, it be deleted or sended to nemesis account) (pontifier, thanks for this idea)

Bank use case, Catapult special mosaics plugin:
- nem.special:account_temporal_blocked_by_bank
- nem.special:account_temporal_blocked_by_judge_requirement
- nem.special:account_empty_by_judge_requirement
- nem.special:user_deceased
(this mosaics can not be transfer, even to the original account)

What do you think?