Standalone desktop Nano Wallet

Greetings. I would like to implement Standalone application containing NEM Nano Wallet and maybe even add installer to it later. There would be some advantages: User friendliness, supported browser engine behind. I believe it could increase NEM adoption and bring more comfort to users. Later some other nice features can be added like notifications, etc. After that also simple installer could be created for overall smooth experience.

If someone is willing to sponsor my effort, it would be appreciated and will speed things up.

I believe @Saul has already done that:

If you would like to make improvements to the nano wallet, here is the git repo:

Also like @gevs said, I have made a standalone app for nano wallet. I am hoping it will be released officially soon.

It’s bit different than what I meant and also there is no version for Linux.

What did you mean? Also linux is a future option, but I was just focusing on windows/Mac for now.

i understand what you want but the release in sauls repo is a containerized nanowallet… should do exactly the trick. on linux you will need:

$ git clone ... sauls repo
$ cd NanoWallet
$ npm install
$ gulp build-app

im not 100% sure but i think thats all thats needed…

that is pretty much it.
Just add ‘gulp’ after ‘npm install’

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Yes, that’s what I was looking for, thanks. And it works. Any specific reason why it’s using nwjs? I would prefer to use electron but both can do the work.

I’m sure it would work fine with electron. nwjs was just easier to integrate, since what I needed to make the standalone app was pretty basic.