Start Harvesting Symbol with my node and get +25 XYM bonus per block - Rewards program for harvesting Symbol

A want supporting new harvesters and the Symbol network with more transactions :))
Start harvesting and

  1. (+25 XYM per block in May2021);
    2.(+20 XYM per block in June2021);
    3.(+15 XYM per block in July2021);
    4.(+ 10 XYM per block in August2021);
    5.(+ 5 XYM per block in September2021);
  2. (Nowember2021 waiting new program);

I’ll be manually sending these transactions within 1-3 days after the mined block
As a result, you will receive approximately 134 XYM for each block + 25 - 5 XYM additional reward from the node

If you’re struggling to find me in the remote harvesting list, it might not appear due to the node you’re using to access the network. Make sure you’re using the 1.0.2 wallet version and copy/paste the full address: - it should allow you to add it as a custom node.

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