statusCode 404 when try to obtain account profile info

Hello, there

I tried to obtain account profile info on TEST_NET but getting error.
anyone correct me if my command wrong or not?

I’ve already got some XYM into the profile.

Surly the node has 220XYM, but error message display “ResourceNotFound”

Also tried to Import the profile to Desktop wallet but mnemonic passphrase.

Btw, Should I ask question on Discord #help channel?

Another option is to create a new wallet and then import the priv.key.

The github repository has changed in the meantime. All links seem not to be adapted yet.

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Thank you for reply,

I tried below,

1.Creat new testnet profile on Desktop wallet and charge some XYM

2.Creat new profile “Ivalice_test4” from test node

3.Import Ivalice_test4 to Desktop wallet by private key and send some XYM from ①(TCOF2NJ3G4ULQ5DZXRRK4U22NJTB3LSAKFOKHCQ) to “Ivalice_test4”, it was success.

to see testnet explore seems activate but still unable to obtain the profile info

Do you have any idea of another way to obtain the profile infomation?

Hi, try
" symbol-cli account info " .
" symbol-cli account info -a TCZMTT-MITEN3-57CGTD-E3C6PJ-7ZN73H-3HGR3N-74I "
" symbol-cli profile list "

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Thank you for the reply,

" symbol-cli account info " .
" symbol-cli account info -a TCZMTT-MITEN3-57CGTD-E3C6PJ-7ZN73H-3HGR3N-74I "
" symbol-cli profile list "

I tried these command but not worked,
could you check my profile list?

The chain height of node is behind.

Try a different Node URL.


As @tolstoy mentioned node is not synced. Please use another one.

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Thank you for the reply, is my own node,
so I will try to re-build a node on high spec server.

You can try modify following proprerties:

  • maxChainBytesPerSyncAttempt - change it to 10MB
  • messageSynchronizationMaxResponseSize - change it to 5MB

Some blocks are very large and if you have slower connection you could have problems with syncing.


Tank you for that advice,

I tried below:

  1. stop node
    symbol-bootstrap stop

2.creat “my-preset.yml”


  1. configure custom preset
    symbol-bootstrap config -p testnet -a dual -c my-preset.yml

  2. compose and run node
    symbol-bootstrap compose --upgrade
    symbol-bootstrap run

5.then open new terminal window and checked if my-preset.xml adapted but it still default pramater
[email protected]:~/target$ less nodes/node/server-config/resources/

block height stacked at 132365.

Could you tell me some URL for setting custom preset?

Just run:

symbol-bootstrap start -p testnet -a dual -c my-preset.yml --upgrade -d

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Thank you for the reply,

the command worked for configuration.
(messageSymchronizationMaxResponseSiz was not there)

but block height is still stack at 132365,

so I have no idea what value is appropriate against this node spec…

CPU virtual: 6Core
Memory: 8GB
SSD: 400GB


  1. docker ps is showing that all works? Please show the result. As I can see api node is down (
  2. configuration was updated?
  3. Even with maxChainBytesPerSyncAttempt 10MB it was unable to sync?

If 3) is true you can try to decrease it even more. what’s your bandwith?