Stephen Chia - Nem Council Member| Nelson Valero - .doc file apostilled


I joined not quick.

I buy XEM @ 60 satoshi , following long time. English is difficult , I feel not confident writing.

But I think some people ( Steve-o , Nelz , Jason , Dona , Emerson, Klim , Anton , Kimble , … ) they all good friends and ProximaX fanclub. Must all get referral tokens for NEM project to bring to ProximaX. Army of Lon.
I think they just want to take money from foundation. Jaguar said all they do is burn money, no tech.

I do not like Steve-o , he talk BS for tech. How can silly guy like him be president. President should know tech more than Steve-o and even Alex.

I have no probleme with ProximaX but why Lon does not see it is wrong to take NEM people for promo of ProximaX. Moral , ethics ? It makes me mad , that is why I joined.


I have no idea who Steve-o is.
Yet yes, ProximaX is indeed Nem at present.
Until further development, Proximax is a nem mosaic.



Steve-o = Stephen Chia :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

Not president material.


His candidacy is already under scrutiny because he did not fill out the Apostle form correctly.
If the appeal goes through then president will go forward unopposed.
I am of mixed thought on this as fair.


No , that not fair.
He make silly mistake but still should get chance.

I think NEMbers smart enough to see he is not president material. Vote should show that.

But rael problem is that all his friends are candidate to , so even if Steve-o is not president his club will make difficult life on Alex.

Same what happen on council now. Steve-o and Nelz chasing away hole council , no candidates anymore.


wow you are so sharp, i didnt even realize there is .doc being apostilled as well =x




Nelson Valero apostilled .docx file instead of PDF.

Step 3. Once you have completed the Candidate Policy Document in Step 2; save it as PDF and use your name as the document title. *(Ex. John Smith Candidate Policy Document.)
Use the latest version of NanoWallet to create an Apostille (public storage) of your PDF document. This is done to ensure that the Apostille transaction can be used as proof that the document was available at a certain time and the proposals are not shared prior to closing the submission.

One of these guys would like to become a President, another one - VP, but both persons cant read rules carefully. This is not funny indeed…


If it is a violation it should be disqualified.


We should follow the guide to the 2018 NEM Council Elections.
Candidates who do not follow the guide should be disqualified.


But Vice president is already unopposed?
The current powers that be will remove the only candidate for VP?

It appears to me, not enough people running for positions, if these are indeed desirable positions then why are there not more running?
When I apply for a job, many want that job, I have to contend with a lot of candidates.
So whats the deal with no president opposition and no VP opp = Null votes?
I am just a guy on a forum but who organized this folly?

Who maintains the voting and candidacy process?..Humphrey B Bear?


Ive not read any of the previous comments on this.
I will simply say this:

It doesn’t matter.

Apostille is a document hash to prove that a certain document existed in that form at a specific time.

As long as the date was by the deadline, the apostille matches the document, pdf, zip, txt, jpg - is it really that much of a big deal?

This pettiness is making us look like children to the outside world - the price will adjust accordingly!


No of course it does not matter but if I applied for a Job position and they requested .pdf and I sent .docx it would most probably not pass the first screening.
Then again job applications are indeed a pain in the ass.
There probably should have been some folk to look over the applications to review them and ensure they were within the guidelines (if not return them, simple solution then reapply) before they were put on the blockchain forever.