Stephen Chia - Nem Council Member| Nelson Valero - .doc file apostilled

Stephen Chia have specified election position - NEM COUNCIL MEMBER / REGIONAL HEAD - SE ASIA

According to Guide to the 2018 NEM Council Elections

Step 2. Use the Candidate Policy Document template below to describe what position you want to be a candidate for and to describe your ambitions, goals, and how you will achieve this.

His name should be removed from the EX-CO section



A lot of the candidate documents don’t follow the template offered.
We should be fair to all.


You seem to be a genuinely good person. I sincerely wish you the best of luck.

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Agree that the position stated should be strictly followed even it’s a mistake. This set a high election standards for NEM.


By that metric, those who Apostilled the wrong file format would also be disqualified. I’m not saying don’t follow the procedures, I’m saying we need to have clear guidance from the council on this.
This has turned into a giant game of ‘gotcha!’.
I appreciate the community looking through the documentation carefully, as it keeps the process open and transparent. Thank you for doing that.
Have a good day.


yes, they should be. who did it with wrong file format?

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There is a reason governance exist, the rules should be followed as outlined. Applications that do not meet criteria should be scrutinized to be rejected.
It is not fair to the other candidates that followed the process correctly.
So candidate can now state, that they actually wanted to run for another positions, the only way to avoid that is to have a written declaration.

If any rules is not met, then I propose the issues be presented to the council and they should follow the process to decided on the legitimacy of the situations, keeping in mind any decision made will set a precedent for the future.

The candidates that made mistakes, are there any proof of conversations where the candidate was asking for clarity or help regarding how to complete the document.

Yes. I think so. They should be.

Yes it needs to be presented to council, I cannot make that judgment as I’m not on council. Yes, rules are there and we all should be able to follow a simple set of instructions.
I’m giving the benefit of the doubt to those who have submitted incorrectly, not jumping down their throats as there has been quite enough of that to go around. How can we expect to work as a Council or ExCo if we don’t listen?
Again, governance is sorely lacking and much needed. The council or election committee needs to have these errors brought to their attention and they will decide on them as such.
All best,

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thats the minimum i expect from someone who wants to be in the council. its not like we vote for the council of a childrens birthday party


On one hand I really appreciate the community to doublecheck all the procedures. Those elections are shady from the beginning and I don’t think we as community should just nod the head to all fuckups, especially when those are coming from President Nominee.
On the other hand everyone can make a mistake. Stephen did make so many mistakes in past, that filling one form in a bad way isn’t so surprising. In my opinion we should let it go and see how community reacts. Allowing Stephen to candidate will show us which option community is chosing. Stephen with all the burden of lack of transparency or fresh air - Alex.

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All the applications should be treated the way they were apostilled. One cannot apply for the parliament and then tell that they want to be the president. Applications are there for that very reason. It is documented now. The election committee should look into this matter without any delay before more confusions start to show up.

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I would like to add the guide to the NEM council elections published by the election committee -
In sections 3.2 and 4.3, it is clearly mentioned that one need to be clear on what information they provide.
I would like to quote a para from section 4.3 under step 3 - " Use the latest version of Nanowallet to create an Apostille (public storage) of your PDF document. This is done to ensure that the Apostille transaction can be used as proof that the document was available at a certain time and the proposals are not shared prior to closing the submission."
Therefore, the candidates who did not fill their applications correctly should be disqualified. And the positions which have been applied for by the candidates in the application should be final - In this case "Council position for Mr. Stephen Chia.


The form looks very rudimentary, there is no explanation of “Position”.
Indeed some may look at it as being filled out correctly as that is indeed his “Position”.
Also some have a different format.
Laura’s submission describes her “Position” and “Current”
Sheesh… don’t bother voting, it appears the vote has already been done, since Vice runs unopposed and now so does president (if current appeal is supported).
Oh well can we just get it over and done with!!



With all due respect you only joined the forum 35 minutes ago…
Are you another mysterious person?

you right
I just join and make post that is not nice. But I follow NEM forum long time, now election crazynes just made me decide I have to join and share opinion.


Yes that is fair enough, if you are a legit reader and decided to join to say your piece then this is ok to me, it is just you joined so quick, yet, Nem should/probably does indeed encourage all to have their say.

I joined not quick.

I buy XEM @ 60 satoshi , following long time. English is difficult , I feel not confident writing.

But I think some people ( Steve-o , Nelz , Jason , Dona , Emerson, Klim , Anton , Kimble , … ) they all good friends and ProximaX fanclub. Must all get referral tokens for NEM project to bring to ProximaX. Army of Lon.
I think they just want to take money from foundation. Jaguar said all they do is burn money, no tech.

I do not like Steve-o , he talk BS for tech. How can silly guy like him be president. President should know tech more than Steve-o and even Alex.

I have no probleme with ProximaX but why Lon does not see it is wrong to take NEM people for promo of ProximaX. Moral , ethics ? It makes me mad , that is why I joined.