Stop calling for Exchanges!


Dear Nember,
time and again, I read calls in the community that lead to a further listing. My question is, why?

I really can not follow this, how would another exchange help us? Yes, a short rise in prices would take place, but even that is not always safe. Nem is listed on a variety of exchanges. According to CoinMarketCap, there are 84 exchanges where you can trade.

For comparison: IOTA is listed on 34 exchanges.
Most coins have an average of 100 listings. We are not far from that.

I think talking about listings is wrong and distracts from the core problem. Just like the last year. There were obvious problems, if any one addressed them, he was denounced as troublemaker. Please focus on the essentials, today we slipped into position 20, but certainly not because we do not have enough listings.

If you think Nem gets too little attention, help out! Open a Twitter account, share the news.
Write articles and publish them, consider projects based on Nem, like Nemlog. Find out about current things, ask what goals there are and how to achieve them. But please stop asking for more stock exchanges.


Interesting insight. I’ve always thought of how multiple listings can actually help the coin. Do they make it more popular or there are any other perks?


Do not get me wrong, a listing CAN help to increase awareness. But experience shows that the price drops again after a short time. Additional bonus is only available if it is xem to fiat. But we need sustainable growth. So blockchain applications and solutions are the goal.