Stories from the dev front (memoir)

updated op :slight_smile:

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Thats awesome news! Thanks for the update.

If you need any testers, let me know, im happy to help :slight_smile:

updated op :wink:

how long is the interval between blocks?

Not sure how to read the timestamp

Interval between blocks is 15 seconds. Timestamp is in milliseconds from a predefined date.

To illustrate from block 11559 to 11560, there was a time lapse of (22512009059-22511991991)ms=17.068s. In this period, 59138 tx were performed. Hence, the transaction rate is 59138/17.068 = 3464.846 tps!!

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it seems like blocks on Catapult are reliably between 10-18 seconds.

I see fees are 0, so this is Mjin private blockchain not NEM testnet?

private blockchain, not testnet, correct.

What could be expected from nem public chain when catapult is released?

Hard to translated but it says that Catapult was tested at over 4000 tx/s. Nodes were forced off and then brought back online and they synced correctly and the network was fine.

updated op :slight_smile:

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bump ^^


Thanks for the update. Are you able to give any further insight into what you mean by pluggable architecture?

This really is a very interesting proposition. I wonder were this road will take us :smiley:

Can I ask what is that BURNUP RATE? didn’t explain me much.
The graph shows approx “25” at the moment now. 25 what? :slight_smile:
The y-axis misses a descriptor. I apologize if this question is too layman, but I guess others have it on their mind, too…?

The chart shows how many tasks are left to be done. It should grow at the beginning since more tasks are defined and decrease as the end of the project gets closer.

Little by little :wink:

short op update

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and when the release? What is the volume of the work done? 10% or 90%? Or the community does not need to know about this?