Suggestion needed for a P2P Restaurant Review Platform

Good evening everybody,
I’m working with my team on a P2P restaurant review project and I wanted to ask you an information, since every transaction/review that will be done will be transcribed on the NEM Blockchain, for greater security and transparency, is there a way to bypass the fee to be paid?
One suggestion was to use Mijin and if a user requests it, add the ability to link data to the public blockchain so it can be viewed.
Or my idea was to make the fee pay through the coins that users earn/use.
Any suggestion?
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Dear Gherardo,
as I told you when we met, the best opportunity will be the use of aggregate transaction on Catapult, when users will be able to “delegate” payment of fees to the asset creator. Just now this is not possible and there is no shedule for Catapult release on the public chain.

I’m sure you can get more help on NEM developers Telegram group: @nemprojects

There’s another useful Telegram group which is run by @Mark_Price where I guess you can find help:

Perhaps you can hire developers on one of this channels :slight_smile:

See you,

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Hi Marco, thank you very much for your very quick response!
We decided to develop the MVP of our project without some features, which will be added with the release of Catapult in the future!
Hopefully it will come out this year, we’ll see! :slight_smile:
Thanks again,
see you soon!