Supernode by Hetzner einrichten. Wer hilft?



is somebody from germany or south germany here to help me as a newcomer to install the supernode on my hetzner managed server. ? THanks


Try ask here: NEM Supernode Rewards Program


thanks it was a mistake i meant deligated harvesting with 10.000 XEM . THe supernode requires 3 Million XEM thats a bit to much for me :slight_smile:


You don’t need node if you use delegated harvesting.
Please look at this videos and tutorials:


Please don’t discourage people from running (regular) nodes. We can always use more nodes :wink: .


Hi Daniel,

If you are running Ubuntu or a similar linux distribution I would be happy to help as I recently set up a node for regular harvesting on a dedicated Hetzner server.

You can get in touch with me on telegram