Supernode NEM setup with Century Link but what next?

I sent follow up questions to Century Cloud the support person said they could not speak publicly about Century cloud service. I requested they pass the ticket onto someone that could speak publicly however there has been no response to that request as yet.

I have sent another follow up ticket today asking for answers to the following questions:

  1. If NEM software is updated what would be required to update our current installation with Century Cloud?

  2. You have stated the NEM runner is now working however you have not stated what actions I need to do now to ensure my NEM installation is working . Have you fixed the installation on my VPS or not? If not what actions are required for me to get the NEM installation working

  3. Who is responsible for keeping the NEM installer up to date on the Century cloud service? Is it NEM or is it Century Cloud?

It has been nearly a week now and I still missing information from the Century Cloud support. Their support informed me they have fixed the issue but they have not given information on how to fix the current situation I have where the NEM installation did not work but the VPS was setup.

I have just tried running the NEM runner again and it appears once again the occurred. There is a big red triangle with an exclamation mark next to the job. Therefore it appears the “one click” installation did not work again. I guess it looks like the one click installation for NEM on the century cloud service is not that reliable. We will see if they support get back to me. If not I’m just going to quit trying to use this “one click” installation service and go to a more reliable alternative.