Supernode NEM setup with Century Link but what next?

I setup a NEM node using the service. The server is NEM node is showing as running in the control panel for CenturyLink and it has the minimum specifications for running the NEM supernode.

I have a NEM Nano Wallet and I have setup delegated harvesting in this wallet.

I have more than 3 million XEM in the nano wallet.

But what next? How do I actually setup the Supernode and link it to my NEM account?

How do I start getting rewards for having a supernode?

How do I then setup harvesting on that supernode?

The server I setup has a public IP address however it is not appearing in the supernodes list. Howwever I don’t know how to finish off the setup to link it to my nano wallet can I setup and then test the supernode is working?

Thank you


Have you read NEM Supernode Rewards Program ?
You basicly need to have NIS and the servant running. Both need to be configured. Once you finished doing that you can check if everything is fine by issuing

for NIS:
http://< your node’s ip >:7890/node/info

for the servant:
http://< your node’s ip >:7880/nr/metaData

Both responses should show your delegated public in the field “public-key”.
Then you need to send an enroll message to the node rewards account.

Again, everything is written in the tutorial link above.

yes, I have read this reference, and many other pages on setting up a supernode

. They are really confusing for a non technical person. e.g.

What is a NIS?
How do we shut down a NIS?
Where is the NIS?
Where is the NIS folder?

What is a “Servant”?
How do we know a “servant” is running?

Then you mention some hyperlinks with note IP etc What do you mean by “responses”?

The tutorial is confusing because it is written for technical person. Not an everyday person that does not know what all these technical terms mean.

Those are very basic questions. I don’t think i have the time to answer every question in detail.
Maybe other community users can help him a little?
Preferably someone who has used the service to setup a node.

Some answers:

  1. NIS = Nem Infrastructure Server = the software that runs on a node and which communicates with others NIS instances on other nodes. Those NIS instances make up the NEM network ´(create blocks, handle transactions…)

  2. Where NIS is / where the NIS folder resides depends on the installation. I haven’t used the service i am not sure.

  3. Servant = extra software that runs on a supernode through which some tests (bandwidth, computing power ping) are performed. You need to have that software running on your node to pass all tests.

  4. A response is what the browser displays when you issue a request in your browser (issue a request = type in the string into the browser address bar. For example i you enter
    and hit ‘enter’ on the keyboard, the browser will display

    “metaData”: {
    “features”: 1,
    “application”: null,
    “networkId”: 104,
    “version”: “0.6.87-BETA”,
    “platform”: “Oracle Corporation (1.8.0_11) on Linux”
    “endpoint”: {
    “protocol”: “http”,
    “port”: 7890,
    “host”: “”
    “identity”: {
    “name”: “Hi, I am Alice2”,
    “public-key”: “cd94cdcfde6878e093bc70e35b575dbe68095c69f73112e67559f71c1fb64c6e”

as response. This means that the node has answered the request.

Hope this helps a little.

I have also read this page: However where do I find the NIS folder. Is this NIS folder on my PC or is it on the remoted server? If it is on the remote server how do I find the folder in which the config file because when I log into the control panel I cannot see anywhere were I can get to this folder. I don’t know where it is and therefore cannot setup a config file.

I followed step by step this guide on setting up the supernode however nowhere in this guide does it state how to stop the NIS, where to find the config file or how to edit the config file:

What is the ip of your node?

No response from that node, seems NIS / Servant is not running.

I have not edited the config file with my public delegated key because I can’t get to the configure file on this server because I don’t know where it is on this server. The instructions given on the link I provided does not state how to get to the nem/ folder with the service.

Did you open port 7890, 7778, 7880 as in the tutorial?


I have seen the instructions below which shows the location of the NEM folders on I will SecureFTP in and see if i can get to the config file.

Steps to check once you SSH login to your NEM supernode


$screen -ls

You should see NIS and Servant is running. If not please run them with the command below.

$service start nis
$service start servant

Similarly, you can stop them by replacing the word start with stop.

Please note that under root home folder, there is a nem folder that consists of log files only.
The other NEM files, likes configuration files and etc. are in /opt/NEM

I logged in using FTP went to the opt/ Folder but there is nothing it it. There is no NEM folder.

I also connected via SSH with putty and the commands as stated on the guide i.e. Steps to check once you SSH login to your NEM supernode


$screen -ls

You should see NIS and Servant is running. If not please run them with the command below.

$service start nis
$service start servant

However the error message was: Uknown Job: nis and unknown job servant.

Basically I’ve completely hit a brick wall. This reason I went with the service was it was supposed to be a complete auto setup. Seems like even an auto setup is complex with NEM. Seriously this is way too complex for the average person to install. NEM development need to seriously consider radically simplifying the supernode setup so that everyday people can setup a supernode. I’ve been in IT released business for 15 years and I can’t set this up. Instructions are insufficient and some steps missing. There is a lot of jargon words and unnecessary complications. We should not have to use Putty To setup the node, We should not have to setup config files. We really should not have to do any of this. We should have a straight forward installer that gives us a form and we can import the variables necessary.

It seems that supernodes can only be setup if you are a computer programmer. If not be prepared for a very confusing, time consuming and more than likely fruitless exercise.

Setup and running a supernode is going to be different than if you followed the supernode dev guide on this forum. The dev is in this forum, hopefully he chimes in soon to help you out. Here is the guide written by a community member, let me know if you find this method easier. NEM Supernode Command Line Tutorial for Debian 8.4

Hello. Are you still having issues with the runner job? It was installing an old version of NEM. It has since been updated to run the newest version. We were not notified of the new release to update. Let me know if you have any more issues.

I have updated the runner job and tested it out. It is now working.

Hello, thank you for your update. I have a few questions which I’ve posted to CenturyCloud which I think is helpful for all prospective NEM supernode users to know: I would like to know the answers to these before I attempt to setup NEM again on CenturyCloud:


  1. could you confirm who’s responsibility it is to keep your installation software on your service up to date? Is it NEM’s responsibility to have to proactively contact you every time they have an update? Have they been informed that they need to contact you each time that they update their software? Or do you have a monitoring procedure with NEM to make sure you have the latest software independent of NEM?

  2. what happens when we need to make an update with new NEM software how will that work with CenturyLink? e.g. Once we have a node setup and NEM have a new release of their software how do we upgrade using your service? is it again a one click upgrade?

  3. How can other new users of your service that want to install NEM be certain that it will work for them first time and not have to go through the experience I went through? I lost my Sunday afternoon trying to get your system to work. I would not want that for other NEM users.

  4. Finally I have a question regarding the monthly cost. Currently the monthly estimated cost is saying it is $48 / month - is that correct? I’m a little confused because other NEM hosts with the same specification as you are offering are only $6 to $10 Month for an identical VPS as you are offering.

Your service is potentially useful service for NEM users that don’t want to go through an installation themselves - that is however only if your service works first time. If they have problems like I had then it would might be easier for them to follow the self installation because those instructions are kept up to date by NEM technical staff.

Thank you

The product owner of BaaS will be responding to your ticket soon with what he can provide you.