Supernode setup and maintenance service like node40 for DASH?

I was wondering if the NEM network have a supernode managed setup and hosting service similar to that of node40 with the DASH network?

I have read the help on setting up a NEM supernode however it is long and confusing for a non technical person to follow. What I want is a way to pay a monthly fee to setup, host and manage the supernode on my behalf - I just pay the hosting fee and everything else is setup and handled by the hosting service - does such a service exist?

Thank you


I’m not sue if anybody has set this up yet. It might be a good opportunity for somebody.

I’m not advanced level by any means though and I was able to do it.

I’m willing to assist you set it up from start to finish.
Just get a Windows VPS with 2GB RAM at least 20GB SSD Space… and give me the access like IP + usernames and I’ll get everything ready and you move the XEM’s inside :slight_smile:

Come to Telegram Red room so we can talk about this if you wish?

It should be a super quick setup (30mins to 1hr) Let me know if your interested.



i host supernodes for other members. it’s not an “official service”. if you are interested let me know.

here we go :slight_smile:
spizzerb all yours :slight_smile:

many thanks!!!

Hello, How much does your for a supernode hosting cost per month? What is the specification of the host?

I also have a few questions on the hosting requirements. When we setup a Supernode does that mean that we then also become a Delegated harvesting node? i.e. a note that other can connect to to undertake harvesting for? If so then is it recommended to go beyond the minimum specification of 2G RAM and

RAM: At least 2GB recommended (at least 1408MB to NIS and 128MB to the servant)
CPU: 1Ghz+ single core or more is recommend
Upstream: at least 5mbps
Open inbound/outbound TCP ports for 7778, 7880, and 7890 on firewalls and routers
Debian 8.4 minimal
Root access via SSH

With your hosting solution you are offering who’s account will get the Importance rating?

How could we setup a name for the supernode? I would like to setup like a name instead of an IP address so that it is easier to recognize.

Thank you.

Hello, thank you for your offer of assistance. Do you have a recommended Windows host that I could look at for pricing etc?

Hello I am now attempting to setup the supernode using the service which has a single click setup: Here is the link:

I am interested in your supernode service!

Yes, such service exists. It’s called Allnodes. Here’s a short and easy instruction on how to host NEM Supernode on Allnodes:

  1. Register your account here:
  2. Follow this link:
  3. Enter the address of your Supernode and follow further instructions.
  4. Please don’t forget to pay for the hosting. You will have a 3-day bonus hosting free of charger.
  5. Enjoy