Supernodes without XEM and without a reward

  • A lot of nodes can be started without having 3M XEM on the account and even without a reward. I propose additionally / in parallel to the existing supernodes to make a program / system of voluntary supernodes, in which the amount of XEM on board will not be the main criterion, but only one of not the most important criteria. Also, there is no rewards to these nodes by XEM.

  • This is relevant because in a few years the supernodes program ‘NEM Node Rewards’ will exhaust its fund and by this time some regular alternative should work. I know that there is a expectation for increasing transactions on the network and many people will harvest and run their own nodes for this, but one does not exclude the other. For example, I can arrange up to 3-4 such “free” 24/7 nodes for ip of my friends.

  • What does that require.
    a) a descriptive table of such supernodes is needed with certain scores and ranking as an incentive. This is similar to the game, with the grouping of nodes by score, by country. Everyone loves games, everyone wants to be the first in a game, the game carries away. It may be possible to create teams and compete teams (example and BOINC projects)
    b) it is necessary for every owner to check the correspondence of his supernode with the necessary parameters (≈ Servant).


What’s stopping you from setting one or more up now? You don’t need permission to setup supernode if you don’t require rewards

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Nothing stopping me and my ip are not idle )
The meaning of the idea is to create interest and competitive incentives for many participants.
It is possible to make a system that motivates the participation of free nodes, including the maintenance of orderly statistics and node monitoring tools.
It can be a system first parallel to an existing program ‘NEM Node Rewards’, and then parallel to a harvesting system.