Symbol available resources for application development

Hi Symblers!

I’m thinking in develop a desktop application at top of symbol blockchain but I am not sure if all the development tools are already available or not :sweat_smile:

I aim to create a desktop application, I need:

  • Uses QR Codes to announce Transactions via Mobile Wallet. I don’t want to manage private keys.
  • Uses the Desktop Wallet to Announce Transactions. I would like to integrate with a Desktop Wallet to announce the transactions.
  • Uses the symbol test network. I would like to not host my own network for testing purposes.

I found some resources that might help me on this journey, but I have some doubts :slight_smile:

About the symbol test network, I don’t find it :disappointed_relieved:, is it still setting up? Should I use instead?

Is it the right moment to develop something on top of symbol? Or should I wait?

Thank you for your help and time!

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nem2-qr-library. It says it’s experimental, should I wait to use it? Will it be deprecated when symbol-qr-library comes out?

I will suggest, you can use it in your development, if they is any issue, please let us know :slight_smile: . Does the wallet support URI Schema ?

I dont think so, but it supported QR code (nem2-qr-library) feature.

I don’t find any open-source mobile wallet. Can someone point me to the symbol mobile wallet, please?

right now symbol mobile wallet, are in private, but soon i believe will be open to public.

About the symbol test network, I don’t find it :disappointed_relieved:, is it still setting up? Should I use instead?

you can use symbol-testnet-bootstrap to setup and join symbol testnet network.

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Thank you for your fast response @AnthonyLaw :smile:

That’s what I was looking for!

I’m assuming that it’s private source and private use still, right? Is it planned to be open to the public and disclosure the source code? will the source code be licensed under Apache-2.0 license as other software?

I’m concern about why is it being developed privately instead of directly open it as other software that I found and . Is it some reason behind that decision? And, if the mobile wallet is being developed privately, is it something else that’s under development that will be open to the public later?

embrace open source :muscle::muscle::muscle:

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