Symbol-bootstrap/0.3.2-alpha DB down


I’m running a symbol test-net.
by : symbol-bootstrap/0.3.2-alpha-202101062332 linux-x64 node-v14.15.4

In my environment, when it keeps booting for about a week
DB has stalled.

“destroyed pool”

In healthCheck, some WARNs were seen.

I’m currently resetting and syncing from the beginning.
“symbol-bootstrap resetData”


  • Is this similar to the failure detected in December 2021? ** ps : a mistake in Dec 2020
  • Are there any known steps to recover?
  • Do you have any required settings?

My machine has 32GB of memory, and 500GB storage.

thank you.

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I saw an announcement that new server resources will be provided.
So I would like to get rid of the problem with my current version.

Thank you.

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