Symbol from NEM: The ultimate guide to start harvesting blocks

Symbol from NEM: The ultimate guide to start harvesting blocks, by Grégory Saive (@gevs)

From 0 to hero of the network: Start harvesting new blocks, be rewarded for your participation and automatically reward your peers!


Quality article!

I started harvesting on one of your nodes

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Thank you @darkSideMooner :+1: I am happy that you liked it.

Feel free to share also :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve been harvesting since the air drop and noticed the fees earned are much higher than with NEM.

When checking the block with the explorer I see there is a “Fee Multiplier”, can someone pls explain this?

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Your node can set a custom minFeeMultiplier related to transactions, indeed.

Setting it to 0, means your node would accept 0-fee transactions. Setting it to 100 means you expect transaction issuers to pay 100 times the transaction byte size.

Take a transaction of 350 bytes, at 100 multiplier your node would accept to include it in a block only if, when it is broadcast the maxFee specifies at least 35000 (which formatted means 0.035000 symbol.xym).


Where can u check your nodes custom multiplier status?

In your file ; if using bootstrap it’s located in a subdirectory of your target folder nodes/node/server-config/resources. If running from sources its in resources/userconfig

$ cat PATH_TO_TARGET/nodes/node/server-config/resources/ | grep minFeeMultiplier
minFeeMultiplier = 100

Please, let’s try to keep this thread on topic, I’d gently ask you to join slack if you have any other questions related to fees. Thank you.

Oh Gev, Is this for only VALIDATORS? I wl love to harvest please guide me.

This guide is for harvesting in general, using the CLI to send Transactions. Read the article linked and you should be able to start harvesting on one of our nodes :+1:

If with “validators” you mean something else, please feel free to send us a call request if needed :call_me_hand:

Thank u Sir , It sounds Technical though …Will read the guide if lost will come back to you