Symbol from NEM: The ultimate guide to start harvesting blocks

Symbol from NEM: The ultimate guide to start harvesting blocks, by Grégory Saive (@gevs)

From 0 to hero of the network: Start harvesting new blocks, be rewarded for your participation and automatically reward your peers!


Quality article!

I started harvesting on one of your nodes

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Thank you @darkSideMooner :+1: I am happy that you liked it.

Feel free to share also :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve been harvesting since the air drop and noticed the fees earned are much higher than with NEM.

When checking the block with the explorer I see there is a “Fee Multiplier”, can someone pls explain this?

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Your node can set a custom minFeeMultiplier related to transactions, indeed.

Setting it to 0, means your node would accept 0-fee transactions. Setting it to 100 means you expect transaction issuers to pay 100 times the transaction byte size.

Take a transaction of 350 bytes, at 100 multiplier your node would accept to include it in a block only if, when it is broadcast the maxFee specifies at least 35000 (which formatted means 0.035000 symbol.xym).


Where can u check your nodes custom multiplier status?

In your file ; if using bootstrap it’s located in a subdirectory of your target folder nodes/node/server-config/resources. If running from sources its in resources/userconfig

$ cat PATH_TO_TARGET/nodes/node/server-config/resources/ | grep minFeeMultiplier
minFeeMultiplier = 100

Please, let’s try to keep this thread on topic, I’d gently ask you to join slack if you have any other questions related to fees. Thank you.

Oh Gev, Is this for only VALIDATORS? I wl love to harvest please guide me.

This guide is for harvesting in general, using the CLI to send Transactions. Read the article linked and you should be able to start harvesting on one of our nodes :+1:

If with “validators” you mean something else, please feel free to send us a call request if needed :call_me_hand:

Thank u Sir , It sounds Technical though …Will read the guide if lost will come back to you

Great service, the node is be running all the time more 20 days

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Yes, of course, our nodes are kept online and harvesting enabled :+1:

Feel free to invite others :slight_smile:

I’ve just updated my wallet to 1.0.2 and now have 5 fee options with the default set to “slow”, can someone please explain these options and how they affect harvesting?

On slow I don’t seem to be getting any blocks, I’m normally able to harvest at least 2 blocks a day.

Hello there,

the type of fees chosen to broadcast a transaction has some importance in determining your network activity. Whenever you send a transaction, the more fee you pay, the more fee will actually be counted in the currently active activity bucket. (Check the account info endpoint to see your buckets).

Thus, in your context, I would not recommend to use “slow” or “zero fee” because you may be more efficient by just attaching a bit more fee.

The origin of this “transaction speed depending on fee” is because Symbol node operators can choose a “maximize-fee” option which would then prioritize your transaction the more fee it pays ;

Thanks for your fast response gevs, maybe I’m a little dense but am now more confused!

Update 1.0.2 has changed the harvesting page in my wallet, still connected to the same node but now have fee options and am able to switch between “Delegated harvesting” and “key links”.

The down load page from Symbol for the update gave some information, but no instructions or links to the changes.

I just want to run my delegated harvesting the same way as it was before updating,

I’m almost ready to download and re-installing wallet 1.0.1, but am concerned about losing my connection to the node I’ve been using since the 18th March, which has worked flawlessly up until now.

I’m also getting these messages on my Harvesting page: “Please note that the minimal fee multiplier for the currently selected node is 55.
Transactions with less than the average fee might not get accepted and eventually expire”?

“(Check the account info endpoint to see your buckets)”, completely lost me here…

Sorry if it made you more confused :stuck_out_tongue: Let me try to explain ;

1.0.2 added a custom fee selector for the link transactions, yes.
Also, 1.0.2 split the harvesting module in 2 parts with 1) “delegated harvesting” where you can input a node to which you can send a delegation request and 2) “key links” where you can setup your account for remote harvesting, etc.

I haven’t looked at the latest release of the wallet and couldn’t tell you but I believe that the “harvesting nodes” information is stored locally and probably when you updated, the wallet lost the knowledge of “where you were harvesting” ; which may mean you have to unlink + link.

The last one, about the minimal fee multiplier is, I guess, a warning such that you can know how much fee you have to pay but I’d agree with you that it’s more confusing than helping xD

“activity buckets”: Check your account on explorer, you will see a list of “importance History” or “Activity Buckets”, this data has direct effect on your harvesting capabilities.

Hope to be of help ; respectfully asking you to please direct any other symbol wallet question over to the NEM Helpdesk as I do not have any influence in how this wallet is maintained or developed right now.

Can u give the link to the “Help desk”, or was that comedy

Telegram: Contact @nemhelpdesk i think that should be the helpdesk, no joke here just helping stay on topic of this thread :slight_smile: