Symbol Launch - General Status Update (01-Feb-2021)

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pontifier is that You?

blame Yourself for Your bad decisions/investments or speculations

Cryptospeculation is like casino play, did You know that?

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Either is pontifier or that guy who has nick name lemonsandfriestwo on bitcointalk. Anyway as old proverb in my country said : For a good horse, a lot of dust always rises.


Hey guys, I believe in nem technology like many others - it is much better than eth, developers, I wish you a safe and high-quality finish on Symbol!


does anyone know if you can opt in on binance yet as got coin cant get opt in ty

Hey guys, do we know anything about the launch time of symbol at 15/3 ?

Binance had announced that they would allocate the XYM tokens to the XEM token holders who have a balance with Binance at the moment of the snapshot.
Technically, it’s them who then had to signal the so-called “opt-in” to the NEM Blockchain before the snapshot. Binance users were not required to take additional steps.

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is possible to buy XYM from binance at 15.03.2021 ?

Unlikely given they won’t receive tokens until mainnet launches, unless they are doing IoU trading (like Bittrue and Yobit appear to be)


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