Symbol Launch - NGL Stress Test & NEMTus Test

Hi all,

From the various chats, twitter etc it is clear there is some confusion about what to expect today. This post will try and clear that up.

Original Plan

My update on 17-Feb-2020 on the Release Announcement thread stated two important things:

  1. The NGL Stress Test report would be available today (22-Feb-2020) UTC

  2. No announcement on snapshot/launch would be made before today.

I gave an update on Friday that the interim results of our stress test were looking good but we had a few things to check over the weekend. Those checks are ongoing with the test team and community members on Slack, they are expected to completed today

On Sunday morning UTC, many of the community will have seen that NEMTus announced a community test to take place at 11.00 - 12.00 UTC today (Monday) and they full results will be available by 15.00 UTC tomorrow (Tue).

Revised Plan

We have spoken to NEMTus, the NGL teams and Jaguar about this development and the intended plan of action is:

  1. NGL Stress Test report available today as planned

  2. NEMTus test takes place and interim results are reviewed

  3. No announcement will be made on snapshot or launch date until tomorrow morning UTC at the earliest, and is dependent on the results of the NEMTus test

I know some members of the community were expecting a launch announcement today, however that was not stated in the update, it said not before today.

The development above means that it would be unwise to communicate anything ahead of the testing and results.


will binance support snapshot and distribution of xym? Can I leave my xem there for binance and just wait?

yes :slight_smile:

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