Symbol Launch Weekend - General Update (15/03/2021)


Following on from the the Symbol Launch Weekend - General Update (14/03/2021) this is the summary about 5/6 of the way to launch.

Similar to the last thread, below is an informal update of the things that have been happening since last night, in no particularly order and apologies if I miss something, but it gives a general view of what is happening while setting up Symbol for launch:

What’s Happened Since Yesterday

  • Last night a “fake” Mainnet was created, with a different genesis signer to the real one that will become the public chain. This allow infrastructure, deployments, config etc to be validations using test automation

  • That automation ran through until approx 15.00 UTC today, the results were in line with what was expected.

  • Various members of the team have been checking, re-checking and re-re-checking the balances for the various trust accounts, initial nodes needed to start the network and finality, large accounts that have opted in, total match etc.

  • The very final builds of everything have been prepared and versioned, they are just waiting for that Mainnet genesis id and to be released

  • Various tidy up items, final config checks, deploying explorer, node monitoring (ready for supernode enrolment) and a myriad of other tidy up tasks

  • Testing has been being performed in from various distributed locations and tools, which is why some of the more astute community members noticed a few endpoints on the fake main net were open.

What is Left?

At this point, the genesis block is now, in almost completely final state. What remains is to do:

  • Shortly we will reset the fake Mainnet with the above genesis block

  • A subset of validation testing will occur for several hours

  • Some manual checks will occur on the last 3-4 remaining items we want to check and make sure are resolved

  • Later tonight we generate the FINAL genesis block, with real signer, real mosaic ID etc

  • A final reset of the Mainnet will occur in private

  • 2-3 hours of manual testing on the real mainnet, with validation to ensure the network starts, finality starts, voting is stable

  • The Mainnet is opened up publicly, generation seed location is posted, all the release components are released at v1.0.0

  • Bootstrap, Desktop, Mobile, CLI and Ledger wallets are all released

Then the project begins our next chapter…one project, two chains and we all work together to forward the adoption of both (maybe some of us will have a bit of sleep as well eh @gimre and @Jaguar0625?)

Couple of Update Items

We are aware the deployment is taking a few more hours than planned, at this stage we do not see anything to worry about, it is just taking some time and we are talking a few hours.

Block Rewards, SuperNode and Voting payouts
Initially we had planned to have a 24 hour grace period (2880) from the start of the chain, this has been extended to 48 hours (5,760 blocks) to allow us to help people get nodes online in the absence of some documentation (which are working on to get as soon as possible still).

I will try and provide further updates as we progress and time allows - by replying on this thread, if we can avoid too much discussion on unrelated things it will be helpful for people trying to read the detail.


Great work Dave, and to all the team!


Thank you!


Great Nembers !
BloodyRookie not with use any more :…-(
Thx @gimre @Jaguar0625 @jabo38 @DaveH and rest… Job bloody well done !


hey guys, @jabo38 @Jaguar0625 @DaveH
Please remember to add hashes to releases and to sign them cryptographically, lets minimize attack vectors please.


Hi. Would u pls explain how can we add hashes?

Simple, run “sha1sum” or “sha256sum” to each of the compiled files.
Put them all together in a text file and then “gpg --sign” it.
And publish the developer’s public key.
Just like any other open source project out there.

So whenever the users download it from github or whatever mirror they might have, we will be able to check if the files are authentic.

PS: btw, will the symbol wallet snap going to be uploaded as “verified” to snapcraft?


Sorry, but what do this mean “sha1sum” or “sha256sum”?

Hi all,

Thanks for the encouragement above, it means a lot!

Unfortunately work is still ongoing, launch is going to take a bit longer while we have a look at a couple of things, more detail in this update


ouch sad, did not know BloodyRookie is not with NEM/Symbol anymore.

He is with NEM, I am unsure why the above was posted, I assume because he is a bit less active, he is still actively involved through Symbol launch for sure and has been a huge help multiple times very recently

I chatted with him a few days ago


I do not wish the “holy trinity” to fall apart. I hope they will all stick together
in this new upcoming exciting time.

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Did not want to create panic. This was more supposed to be stated as a question and being an expression of sadness if the question turn out to be true.
I was only assuming he is not with us, due to his name not being mentioned.
So clearly Dave gave un update that he is still involved, so there we go. Glad to heard it and I am not sad anymore…

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