Symbol Marketing Launch Plan for Mainnet Launch on 15 March and beyond

Now that snapshot and Mainnet dates have been confirmed, we are excited to share our #Symbollaunchfest marketing plan for the next few weeks.

The plan is made up of 5 key pillars of activity;

1. Global Exchange Trading Tournament. This will be the biggest and best crypto exchange tournament yet, with many leading exchanges having confirmed participation in the tournament. Find out more at

The tournament comprises 3 distinct waves;
Wave 1 XEM trading on regional exchanges Mon 1 March to Sun 7 March
Wave 2 XEM Trading on global exchanges Weds 03 March to Fri 12 March
Wave 3 XYM trading on all exchanges Tues 16 March to Tues 23 March

The overall prize fund is $500K+ and is open to all blockchain enthusiasts and followers of NEM.

2. Powering Possibility Hackathon. Led by Kristy-LeighMinehan, our CTO, the registration date for the hackathon has now been extended to 31 March, creating more opportunities for our developers to start building after launch on Mainnet. The judging panel includes Kristy, Mike Sotirakos (MD of NEM Software), Sharon Rubin (Director of NEM Ventures) & Antony Welfare (CCO of NEM Software). Winners will be announced in April, with the top prize being inclusion into the Ignite from NEM Ventures programme, as well as cash prizes. Hackathon Registration here

3. Partnership programme. We will share the results of our ongoing partnership programme, including DEfi and staking partners, FIAT gateways, Exchanges, Wallets and more throughout the #SymbolLaunchFest period as we look to grow and strengthen the NEM ecosystem, making it easier for as many people as possible to engage with NEM and Symbol.

4. PR & Influencers. We have kick started a global influencer engagement programme to spread the news about Symbol launch and the trading tournament and have committed to media sponsorship and marketing partnerships to really increase awareness of NEM and Symbol.

5. News & Events. We will be sharing lots of other exciting news and updates such as AMAs regarding tech – both NIS1 and Symbol – and what we plan to do to take both platforms forward. We will also share ongoing release and update information as we get everything ready for launch.

We are also participating In FIN/SUM during the week of launch. FINSUM is a leading Fintech conference exploring the potential of digitizing society in Japan and our involvement will act as a springboard for the launch of Symbol globally and in Japan.

We will continue to evolve and update the plan as we move through the stages, and as we add more detail and activities.


Great looking forward to the Mainnet Launch! :rocket:

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It Is possibile to have the confirmation of the Exchange of the NEM snapshot ?

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Check the exchanges that will support the snapshot on this link:

I saw, but are all confirmed?

Yes all confirmed

Choose any exchanges on the list and will get XEM=XYM