Symbol mobile wallet design proposal

Hello everyone. As you already know, active preparations are underway for launching Symbol. I noticed that there is no news about the results of the development of a mobile wallet. I saw a topic on the forum where there was a discussion of a mobile wallet, but its design differs in functions from the web version. I also note that Material Design was developed in 2014, and now it is used in almost all Android applications. I’d like to see Symbol mobile application modern and convenient.

The aim
To offer the community a native design of a mobile wallet for Android.

Project work
The development of prototypes, mockups and animation was done by Liliia. I advised on the technical side.

Where can you see?
Presentation of the work posted on Behance (clickable).

If the community likes this job, then Liliia is ready to work with NEM to implement the design. It is possible to develop transitional options for interactive integration. Subsequently, in these colors it is also possible to develop a native design for iOS.


I think the screenshots look really good. Can’t wait to try this out.

I hope there is an option to skip the mnemonic address and go straight to import private key. I find it much easier to just work with the private key alone.


It’s a very clean design idea, and I’d be happy if iOS could do this as well.

I think the world would have rejoiced if she’d designed three new websites too!


I like it very much

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Hello! I want to tell you more about the project.

I used Figma tool for developing prototypes and mockups. In After Effects, I animated some screens to show how the application works. The presentation did not include all drawn screens, but I think that you can understand the main idea. The design of the application is made according to the Material guides and looks natural on the Android platform. I tried to make the user’s work with the application as simple, convenient and understandable as possible. Much attention was paid to navigation, so that everything was in quickly access.

During account creation, you can switch between steps to make changes quickly. If you import an account, then you can choose which wallets you want to add to the application.

You can instantly switch between wallets using swipes. Using a floating button, you can quickly create an account or send coins. Each transaction has its own status, which is updated in real time.

You can quickly add a wallet, make a backup, copy the address and view the private key. You can also manage multisig accounts from your smartphone.

You can send several mosaics in one transaction by choosing the network commission. The design is made so that you can easily implement aggregate transactions.

Namespaces & Mosaics
You can get full information about the mosaic and namespaces. In addition, you can create and edit them.

The harvesting activation process has been redesigned. Using the setup wizard, you can simply and clearly activate the harvesting, set a custom node address, and test it before use. After activation, you will see statistics, as well as the current status.

You can watch the presentation of the application by the link (my profile on Behance).

I will be glad to cooperate.


Thats a really nice mock up. Great job. I’d love to see this implemented either as a new mobile app or incorporated into the mobile wallet thats currently under development. Extra brownie points for cross platform implementation.

Tagging NGL @DavidM (COO) @kaiyzen (CTO)


Can also have these and at iOS version ??

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You have done a really great job designing this. I think you are talented.


Yes perfectly go go and with iOS wallet ASAP


@tresto thank you very much for your support and for sharing this post to NEM Red and Twitter. :blush:


@kodtycoon and @jabo38 thanks for the kind words. I am very pleased! :relaxed:


@jelin1984 As for the design for iOS, I don’t see a problem, it will be slightly different (for example, other shadows) from the design for Android, so that users have the usual way of interacting. For this, additional research of the platform must be done. In any case, the business logic will be one on two platforms.
Now we are all waiting for the launch of the platform. Therefore, first we need to wait for the official application because a lot of effort and time was spent on its development


This is a fantastic design, so clean. I like how it follows the Google Material Design guidelines!


Maybe you be at team and for symbol desktop windows Mac wallet is at beta testing already

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This is a really nice, clean, modern design.

I’m going to ping a couple of people in the software team to get an idea of the current Ux/Ui and compare the two, this is one of the better wallet designs I’ve seen in a long time.

I will ping you on direct message to set up more formal comms


This looks really nice.

Except I don’t like the harvesting thing.

Harvesting really should be as simple as flipping a switch, or at least get rid of the ‘node network settings’. The average user that wants to harvest shouldn’t need (literally) to be bothered with all that jazz.

In my experience, when you start harvesting, you need to select a bunch of nodes before you find one that has space left. Next, at some random unannounced point in time, you will be dropped from the node. Harvesting stops.

Some nodes drop you in days. Some nodes seem a bit more stable - if you’re lucky to find one with empty spots - and keep you for weeks. But it happens. All the time. You won’t notice this until you check, and you’ll find you’ve missed weeks of harvesting. Repeat. I’ve stopped harvesting after it automatically stopped dozens of times and it’s quite a hassle to search for servers with free spots all the time and keep checking if harvesting is still active.

In my opinion, I don’t need to be bothered with all that. Harvesting should be one simple toggle switch with default settings. The wallet should automatically find a node that has empty spots, periodically check if harvesting is still active, and automatically find a new node if not. A mobile wallet is especially well suited to schedule a background task like this.

There can be an “advanced” or “manual” mode for people who have a reason to want to do the monastic work themselves.

I also suggest that once your balance reaches a certain threshold, a friendly popup should explain that harvesting has become feasible and ask if you want to turn it on. If yes, only enter the password, nothing else.

Let’s make this wallet as friendly as possible, with technical and manual labor hidden behind “advanced” or “manual” buttons. Everyone should be able to harvest without having to know what an IP-address is and why you should select one.

Forgive me, this is hardly related to the visual design, which looks pretty. The screenshots of the harvesting page brought back memories of that thing I stopped using long ago. I hope someone can take these thoughts up to the relevant team.