Symbol Supernode EarlyNode and Ecosystem Node Reward Programme - delay to 31/03/2021

This would be great and I think that I would be eligible for the early node programme now as I have > 500K XYM which I didn’t have before snapshot. I am also running an Allnodes node currently but at present I can’t apply to join.


@DaveH Hi, Dave

Totally agree with @GodTanu

I am worried that there are too few participants in this program.
We didn’t have much time to know and prepare this time, I think…

How about the second round of this program???
Symbol has finally launched, so I think it will attract more attention now,

It’s a good time to announce your initiative again.
I would be grateful if you could consider it for growing NEM ecosystem!


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Just send a new one on NIS1 from the same account as last time with the new details, we will update it


Thanks @GodTanu I will check the exact numbers we have already and see what options we have/need. Just working through a backlog after launch, I will come back shortly

Currently registered: 24 Early, 59 Ecosystem

The primary reason for the programmes was to stimulate commitment for early node deployment before launch, given the current numbers of nodes I don’t see much need to extend registration personally

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Is there still going to be an official Supernode guide from the NEM Group? Or should we use spizzerb’s guide …

There will be, but can you link me that guide pls? I haven’t seen it yet and would love to give it a look over

nvm - found it: Complete guide to run a dual node on centos 8 using symbol-bootstrap

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I don’t think there is any need to be stingy with the budget here.
I think it is better to collect them to capacity.
EA and ECOSYSTEM are effective in the long term.


Frankly speaking, the current number of nodes is a false image for inflationary reward purposes. When it becomes unprofitable, it may disappear.
There are too few delegation harvesters for the number of nodes.
Therefore, I think EA and ECO nodes are important.


Any update on this?

The programme is supposed to start tomorrow but still no info on how to reactivate the monitoring agent on our nodes.

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@rigel I was hoping be in a position to give an estimate before posting this one but we have had to delay it a bit further for a security issue that is being resolved, which is why no instructions were provided:


Has supernode reward been distributed yet?
Could this be the reason why the major exchanges are not listing it?

When will Super Node rewards be activated? This is a very important issue

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No its hasn’t been distributed

And no it has not been raised an issue by any exchanges - it is a minor additional incentive, most of the rewards come from supply inflation config which has been working from block 1

Progress Update - 29 Apr 2021

An update on the remediation work.

The team had to redesign some of the communication flow between the monitoring component and the agent which is installed on the nodes. This redesign, rework and testing has taken several weeks to ensure it is done correctly.

We have been iterating through test fix cycles on internal development environments for a couple of weeks and are now ready to move wider for testing.

The solution has been live on our nodes on the new Testnet for a day or two and it is performing well. We intend to leave this to run overnight and review results.

We will expect to be opening it up for community participation on the new Testnet within the next 24-48 hours on Monday and will make a separate post with how to take part, a user guide and what to expect.

Depending how the public testing goes and levels of participation we will review it mid-end of next week with a view to fixing a final implementation date.

I would encourage anyone who intends to runs a SuperNode on Mainnet to get involved and help test the improved solution, your efforts will help the Mainnet version be ready to run for years so it is very useful to get involved if you can do please.

I expect we will post something in by the end of this week with a guide for how to get involved


The last time we started supernodes, we were testing on NEM and it was really hard to get testers to run the software, which led to bugs being found late and delays. Please all run a testnet node if you can to help test. We all want to make supernodes!


Good to read.
So what to do? Anything available or any update regarding setup instructions or step-by-step guide?

Will there be also a new symbol bootstrap release regarding
this issue or we will be able to use the current version for the testing?



So what to do? Anything available or any update regarding setup instructions or step-by-step guide?

Links etc will be included in the post opening it for testing, I’m just reviewing things just now to make sure its all there


Will there be also a new symbol bootstrap release regarding this issue or we will be able to use the current version for the testing?

A new one will be needed

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