Symbol testnet faucet - increase the maximum payout

Are there any plans to up the maximum amount that can be sent from the faucet? I was trying the NEMTUS tool and drained my account in seconds. It would be useful if people could get more than 10,000 testnet XYM to allow us to participate in the testing. I would also like to test harvesting but this is also a problem with a low account balance.

If anyone wants to send some testnet XYM in the meantime my address is: TBIAWK36GWATWYSDLDZD2RR44VPRZIOZ6MYZ4TA

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: also the faucet appears to be down at the momentโ€ฆ


Hi. How much you need? Limit on faucet is needed because it will be drained very fast.

So I did go overboard on the aggregate transactions and this is why I burned through it so quickly. Someone sent me 100K so maybe this is enough. Just want to make sure that I have enough to participate in the stress testing for a sustained period.

Sent 100K more :slight_smile:

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