Symbol testnet node setup issues


I recently set up a Symbol testnet node on Google Cloud but I am having some issues and I am not sure how to fix them:

  1. The chain height is stuck at 47369 -
  1. When I initially set up the VM on Google Cloud I had a 30GB disk. I left it running overnight and when I came back I couldn’t SSH into it as the disk was full. I set up a new VM with a 1TB disk (overkill but I wanted to see what was going on) and installed the Symbol server and transferred the static IP back from server 1 before deleting the old VM.

After logging into the new VM I noticed that 100s of ~250Mb (if I remember correctly) were being written to disk which would have led to the previous problem of the disk filling up.

Has anyone got any ideas about how to fix the two problems? I guess problem 2 is probably linked to problem 1 and writing error logs due to the inability to sync.



Hello. There is known problem with release, with next release problem with syncing from scratch will be fixed.

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Thanks! I’ve been trying to work out what I was doing wrong. I will wait for the update… released -> NEM Symbol Release Announcement


Thanks - I saw it the other day and updated. All working fine now :slight_smile:

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