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There is no answer to my issue either.
I think dependencies seems to be outdated.
opened Oct 26, 2020
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I think dependencies seems to be outdated. I want to use the following versions “dependencies”: { “symbol-sdk”: “^0.21.0”, “symbol-uri-scheme”: “^0.5.1”, “symbol-hd-wallets”: “^0.13.0”, … …

“Symbol is primed to facilitate tokenization and STO issuance”
But we can’t even examine the library.
How is the whiskey case going?

These will be looked at but the team are focussed on the launch critical items in the short term. I have made a note to look at these once some of the launch critical items close out.

The library has been used as a reference by to successfully integrate Symbol into the Propine STO Issuance and Custody platform in Singapore. I have been working with the team there during the integration and it went smoothly with just the normal integration questions. Propine are aware there may be some updates required as part of the final patches on Testnet etc. I will ask the dev team to take a look at dependencies once the final Server + REST + SDK versions are released for testnet patching.

The Kentucky Whiskey fund is progressing well and the team are gathering investment (any potential accredited or non-US investors of accredited level are welcome to send me a PM if you want more information, I can introduce you to the team). The tokenisation and issuance is expected to happen shortly after launch but due to US regulations the tokens may not be distributed for 12 months after investments have been made (accredited investor rules for a fund manager) so it is a good fit for the updates as well.

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Thanks for your answer.
I look forward to the day when we can use the validated libraries.

but , for your information,
In Japan, some companies use issues and PR responses on github as one of their evaluation criteria to audit the maturity of OSS projects. I recommend that you post the above comments on github in order to ensure a smooth listing in Japanese crypto market.

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