Symbol - Wallet and Bootstrap Releases


There have been two releases in the past couple of days:

Fuller release notes are below, here is a quick overview of that the changes mean for users.

Wallet Changes

The wallet has several fixes that were identified immediately post launch, these should help with:

  • Issue where the Multi-sig and/or aggregate transactions time out after 2 hours (it is now 48h)

  • Recommended fees are more intelligent and also default to a slower option

The second point, coupled with various config fixes made over the past weeks should start to help bring network fees down more generally.

I did put out a Tweet on similar explaining why a few days ago:

There are further fixes ongoing for the Wallet(s) and you should expect releases every 1-2 weeks for the next 1-2 months with various changes coming in, keep an eye on the Github repo for further information or to help with any issues, answers, questions etc

Symbol Bootstrap Changes

It is a deliberately light release and make some minor preset improvements but also sets the default transaction selection strategy for new nodes to Oldest, instead of Maximize. Again this helps to bring down the network fees.

The changes have been applied on all NGL nodes and many non-NGL nodes already, as summarised in this post: Symbol Launch - Few Learnings & Bootstrap releases

I would encourage all node owners to consider whether Maximize is the right setting for your node in the context of the wider network - setting Oldest is unlikely to impact the fees particularly (due to transaction volume) but it is likely to push fees higher by prioritising a few high value transactions into a block.

My current feeling is that too many nodes using Maximize probably causes the fees to be so high that transactions don’t get performed, so total fees is likely lower than just selecting Oldest, certainly my own nodes run Oldest on that basis.

The standard instructions for how to upgrade with the latest version of Bootstrap are at the end of the Release Notes

Release Notes

Symbol Desktop Wallet

[1.0.1][1.0.1] - 29-Mar-2021

Milestone: [email protected]


  • Changed transaction fee structure to align with network transaction fees. Reduced slow and average fee multipliers.
  • Increased HashLock duration and AggregatedBonded transaction deadline to 48 hours.

Symbol Bootstrap

[1.0.3] - Mar-31-2021

Milestone: Mainnet(

Package Version Link
Symbol Bootstrap v1.0.3 symbol-bootstrap
  • Improved Custom Preset Object types for symbol bootstrap lib integration.
  • TransactionSelectionStrategy’s new default value is oldest.

Upgrade Instructions

How to Upgrade your Node

Before upgrading, it’s recommended to backup your node’s target folder

Install the latest bootstrap:

npm install -g symbol-bootstrap

Custom Preset

Take note of the release notes for new settings, consider including:

  • minFeeMultiplier
  • transactionSelectionStrategy
  • beneficiaryAddress
  • nonVotingUnfinalizedBlocksDuration

Peer Node Only

If you are running a Peer only node, run:

symbol-bootstrap start -p mainnet -a peer --upgrade (-c myCustomPreset.yml)

The --upgrade option will recreate your server configuration, docker configuration, and upgrade the format of addresses.yml without dropping the existing data or generates keys.

Dual Node or API Node

If you are running an API or a Dual node, run:

symbol-bootstrap start -p mainnet -a api --upgrade (-c myCustomPreset.yml)

symbol-bootstrap start -p mainnet -a dual --upgrade (-c myCustomPreset.yml)

If you wish to reset to a new/clean testnet node, --reset instead of ‘–upgrade’ will clear up all your data and keys. The keys will be regenerated if you are not providing them with a custom preset, note that you will need to relink the voting key as well if you use reset, it is ephemeral so not stored.

It’s worth double-checking that your docker services are running. Validate the services logs and check that your node’s keys and accounts are valid.

For new nodes, you can also follow: Running a Symbol Testnet Node


Hello Dave,

I have a question regarding beneficiaryAddress setting.
Per your explanation on Twitter, I understood if I don’t set beneficiaryAddress, all harvest reward goes to harvester. I erased beneficiaryAddress from my config and run a node, but for some reason node share comes to my node address.

Could you please guide me what I should do in order to setup a node to send all the harvest reward to each harvester?

Thank you!


I think that you have to set the harvestBeneficiaryPercentage to 0. The default is 25%

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Thank you for you reply, SJM211.

Should I add
harvestBeneficiaryPercentage: 0
To my config?

I did this once but I thought this made the node stop. But I might be wrong.
If this is the correct solution, I will try once again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I haven’t done it myself but it seems from the documentation that this is the way to go. If it crashes your node though then that’s not good! Maybe wait for an official reply before trying again! :slight_smile:

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Oh actually that’s in network properties. I don’t think you can change this… Sorry bad advice :slight_smile:

No worry. This is unclear on the Symbol page.
They wrote it as if we can adjust freely, but it’s not. Then I read the value should be 0 or 25.
Then I tried 0, which seems to crash the node. :grimacing:

Will wait for an official answer. Thank you!

It would be useful to have this parameter configurable, I will watch this thread :slight_smile:

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Hi SJM211,

I got the answer in different thread. ( Thank you, @CryptoBeliever !)
it seems
is the correct command. :blush:



Thanks! :slight_smile: I guess that it is an all or nothing solution though (e.g. you can’t set the commission to e.g. 10% from 25%)?

I guess currently all or nothing are the only choices unless you manually refund to each harvester. If you are a programmer you may know a way to set some commands but I’m not familiar with it.
Hope there will be some updates in the future!

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You can’t change to 10%. Your node will go in fork and will be excluded from network.