Symbol Wallet Release - Desktop, Android & iOS

Symbol Wallet Release - Desktop, Android & iOS

Following hot on the heels of the Symbol Server Release and Testnet Patch, the Wallet development teams didn’t want to be outdone, so they have stepped up with:

Huge thanks to the combined NEM Group and Peersyst development teams for the continued hard work after the last release! It is also great to see Peersyst join the Symbol Certified SI Partner Programme as one of the initial members.

These releases are primarily issue resolutions following the wallet release a few weeks ago, all P1 and P2 issues have been resolved, no further major releases are planned between now and launch on the 14th January 2021.

Patch releases may occur depending what is found on Testnet and there may be one final hardware wallet release for desktop depending on the third party vendor’s approval and testing.

Account Restrictions

While the wider development team were working through the Testnet issues, the wallet team were able to add some Account Restrictions functionality to the Desktop wallet. This will be expanded in future releases but gives some MVP restriction functionality to assist with testing and to make the Ux simpler.

@tresto a late birthday present for you after your request here :wink:

Android Wallet

The Android Wallet has been built as an APK at present and will be able to be installed manually on phones for those who wish to test:

Download here

iOS Wallet

The iOS Wallet has been built and provided to Apple, it will be made available as an Open Beta, meaning it is in test mode and managed via their Test Flight tool but available to any Apple users. It is going through their submission process at present and we will update this announcement when it is complete.

Release Notes

Desktop Wallet v0.13.6

[0.13.6][v0.13.6] - 11-Dec-2020

Milestone: catapult-server@v0.10.x


  • Added Account Restrictions feature (add and delete restrictions), includes the following types:
    • Address Restrictions
    • Mosaic Restrictions
    • Operation(Transaction Type) Restrictions
  • Added cross-platform zip artifact release
    • Allows opening directly index.html in the browser (after unzipping the archive file)
  • Added account metadata transaction update feature
  • Added confirmation modal (with a warning) after the delete account button is clicked


  • Fixed multisig account sends transaction issue.
  • Fixed NodeSelector to filter nodes with role type ‘peer’.
    • Until the mainnet release we will keep the static node list(starts with ‘beacon’) added on top of the dynamic list.
  • Fixed ContactQR publickey bug on export (Import QR Code, next button missing #725).
  • Fixed required-cosignature count bug on metadata transaction.
  • Fixed target account to the selected signer for mosaic and namespace metadata and removed from the forms.
  • Fixed coins transferred from co-signers instead of multi-sig account issue.
  • Fixed harvesting with a multi-sig account on different profile issue.
  • Fixed missing add button in aggregate transactions
  • Fixed show notification in case mnemonic not valid before going to next step
  • Fixed AddressQR and ContactQR to use the same QRDisplay component.
  • Fixed overflow on Transaction Modal.
  • Fixed translation issues (especially Japanese).
  • Improved multi-sig graph view on Account Details Page and Aliases display.
  • UI fixes
    • Fixed unable to add JSON Address Book after attaching invalid format file issue.
    • Fixed select contact window issues.
    • Fixed fee selector is not a visible issue in modifying mosaic supply modal.
    • Fixed empty window after logout issue.

Mobile Wallet v0.4.1

[0.4.1][v0.4.1] - 15-Dec-2020


  • Added scan QR functionality allowing to scan following QR types:
    • ContactQR
    • AddressQR
    • TransferTransactionQR
    • Account QR


  • Fixed no message displayed on harvesting screen when the account had insufficient balance
  • Fixed generated invoice QR had a wrong amount
  • Fixed language switch didn’t update the language unless you restarted the application
  • Fixed changing a node was reseting the selected account
  • Fixed android back up page was not appearing if pin code was set
  • Fixed when importing private key the second time there was no warning
  • Improved balance widget to avoid showing 0 balance when loading
  • Fixed big amount went to a new line
  • Fixed notification not fully visible