Tech Bureau is being dissolved?


So what does this mean for nem and why the actual F has there not been any clear statement on this from anyone ?


Lets hope the new company takes Nem on board or else we all holding bags.
OR Nem drops out of Japan and moves to Europe/Usa/South America/China/SEA.
In reality Tech Bureau funded devs wages.
Seems like the new Prez has quite a few tasks to fill.
First one would be to find devs wages, unless the take over will run business as usual.


Tech bureau is splitting into two entities-the one that ran zaif exchange is dissolving not the mijin producing-dev paying one. Let’s all calm down.


July 2, 2018


correct :slight_smile:


The first article posted @memario is the most recent, the second article @Trikar_Blockchain is 3 months or so older and states Tech Bureau will be spinning off its exchange business into Tech Bureau Holdings, Corp.

The most recent article @memario says that Tech Bureau has sold it business in Zaif to Fisco Cryptocurrency Exchange (FCCE) and is dissolving its interests and retiring from the crypto currency Industry.

So it just looks to me as though they have just separated their exchange interests into different holdings then sold the Zaif exchange and probably have some contract arrangement not to set up direct competition.

I think it is this bit that might be causing some alarm: “retiring from the crypto currency Industry”.
Which indeed means no crypto ‘‘coins’’, just focused on Blockchain technology.

What I know about business you could write on the back of a match box, but an outright sale is not ‘‘splitting into two entities’’, unless of course it is something other than “sole proprietorship”.

Its interesting food for thought.



Sorry Dan, you’re right in a way. They DID split then sold off the exchange. No business in crypto means they’ve sold off Zaif and are not diong exchanges, etc and are only working on the tech. I think the articles are translated from Japanese do sometimes the nuance gets lost.
I don’t find it alarming though, as they’ve decided to focus on blockchain tech so hopefully there will be some great products coming up.



Well I agree most probably no cause for alarm as companies do this stuff frequently.
I also agree that these articles are pretty basic, snippets really.
Thanks for replying


Whatever the impact on nem, can we not all agree that some sort of message should have been put out ? Like at least a tweet ? This is just more of the terrible communication we’ve seen for years now.


I am not sure if those article are anything more than some crypto jouro.
So I am not sure where the good info comes from.