Tech Bureau Releases Mijin Catapult v.2 Production Version

Hi everyone, we’re pleased to announce that Tech Bureau Holdings Corp has announced the release of their turnkey private blockchain solution Mijin.

Japanese: here
Spanish: here
Chinese: here
Italian: here
Russian/Ukrainian: here


Can someone explain what version of Catapult that Tech Bureau has released as Mijin v2? Is this Dragon or is TB developing Catapult along a separate track?

I think dragon is where the code starts to fork and public and private chains start to take different paths. Would need someone from TB to confirm but mijin V2 likely is dragon release.

Does this mean that the core devs have their focus split? Are they simultaneously working on 2 different development tracks at the same time - Mijin v2 and Catapult public chain?

No, private net is more or less a subset of public net. Private net i think is finished at dragon, since TB just released their V2. Elephant is the milestone that comes with all the public net features that are not needed/wanted in private net. So their focus would i think now be 100% public net. Although I’m not close enough to TB activity to be 100% sure.