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Advent Calendar 2018 - Qiita

Qiita Advent Calendar is an event that IT developers post articles about various theme.
We are running calendar following links.

Unfortunately, these articles written in Japanses and probably will not be translated English…
If you are interested in some article, please use website translator.

Through microsoft translator links.


Hi, I’m very interested in this. Could you please explain more about it? Thanks!


The event has been finished! There are 37 artilces about NEM posted!

Unfortunately, there are written in Japanese.
But, one of articles that demonstrate 4,000TPS on private catapult chain has translated article.
See this

Thanks all who write articles and you!


Do a fair lottery using NEM block hash
date:December 1
writer: LCNEM developer @YuKimura45z


Reference NIS database directly for use in statistics
date:December 2
writer: NEM Transfers Dashboard developer @heiuchi23


Try to access NEM with QtQuick
date:December 3
writer: @kihaku_dol


I think that technically important articles should be translated from Japanese to English by Nem Japan.

Although someone needs to judge which technically important articles …


AccountPropertiesTransaction that can set whitelist · blacklist, transaction sending as valid / invalid for account
date:December 4
writer: nem-ruby develeoper @44uk


I think so ,too
I want everyone to know the excitement in Japanese NEM tech to overseas as well.


NEM’s function changed by catapult introduction
date:December 5
writer: open apostille developer @DaokaTrade