Telegram Group for NEM Hodlers

Hi all,

A few years ago there was a telegram group created that was an area for SuperNode holders to chat about key topics they wished to discuss with one another, or to support one another technically or otherwise. It could be done here with persons of similar mindset without worrying about fake accounts, when moon etc.

The group would now like to expand that out to not only people who run SuperNodes but to those who could if they wanted to. To reset the group, the request is that it starts as a fresh telegram group.

On this basis there will be a process to join a new telegram group which will need the individuals to confirm they hold more than 3m XEM or 1m XYM.

If you wish to join, you need to do the following:

  1. If you hold over 3m XEM or 1m XYM, send a transaction with your telegram handle to a specific address in an encrypted message.
  • For XEM transactions please send to : NCRUN2LAVAVMNJCA25W5LHC4JARMIPE7TBXGW2BJ
  • For XYM transactions please send to: NDQBVQERGA6IMQL6M5QTQZSWCBQNCAFHZ372FNQ
  1. We will verify if there are sufficient funds in the account
  2. This address will be checked weekly to confirm any new additions
  3. An audit will be performed regularly to check the numbers are still relevant

If for any reason you are not comfortable with this process or you cannot send encrypted messages, then please contact @cryptoBeliever on telegram and he will pick it up and work through it with you.


Translations will follow






  1. 3百万XEMまたは1百万XYM以上を保有している場合、暗号化されたメッセージで以下のアドレスにあなたのテレグラムハンドル名を記載の上、取引を送信してください。
  1. 口座に十分な資金があるか確認します。

  2. このアドレスは毎週チェックされ、新規など変更を確認します。

  3. 定期的に監査を行い、数字が正しいかどうかを確認します。


It would be interesting to know what value this group adds to the NEM ecosystem.
If you want to send private messages, you can certainly do so in other ways.

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Thanks. Looks like a good intiative.

I can’t find the option to send an encrypted messages in the Symbol Wallet (MacOS). I’ll reach out to @CryptoBeliever .

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the size described here qualify each initial NEM stakeholder (2.25 million XEM and now also 2.25 million XYM) to be part of that group

thats not superrich born people but people who are with NEM ecosystem since the launch

they can be in that group and be a valuable voice of the founding generation

on top anyone who joined later on the journey and gathered up a SN size bag of coins did put enourmous trust in NEM too

by have a group which focuses on this long term or serious size stakeholders we have a platform to discuss and test ideas together with NGL and core team people and test the waters before we broaden the discussion on open channels

its a healthy and friendly enviroment where noone is shy to speak up and share his ideas and opinions as we all know everyone in that group is a true serious stakeholder and no pump dump gambler with crowd emotions people exist in there.

its good to have such a group im part of it since it existed and even if not all some of the brightest ideas did have the origin in that chats and some of the less bright ideas did become visible in discussions in there as not so good and no more energy was wasted on them

very good added value for ecosystem to have it as a little think tank to support the ecosystem

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thats not superrich born people but people who are with NEM ecosystem since the launch

even 1 mio XYM today would equal to 240000 usd ; I think we don’t have the same scale when it comes to amounts of money and being “rich” or not.

Why do you need to make this an elite group? The fact that you own a certain amount of XYM should not determine your right to join important discussions around Symbol, if you want this to be anywhere useful at scale for the ecosystem.


Well, the truth is, that if you have invested hundreds of thousands or millions of USD in project, you have skin in the game much harder then someone with few hundreds dollars. So, you have to really trust the project and also you really care to project be successful.

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I dont see how this would serve the „new economy movement“ its rather a old model. :wink: also after getting to know some of the people over the years I also dismiss „mostly“ the argument of the think tank.

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I am not putting this at challenge ; but rather the threshold value. To put 240k USD in a project is a lot ; I am saying people tend to have some skin in the game at 5k USD, too ; Not all, but some, it doesn’t require more than 100k USD to potentially be a good contributor to such groups - so why not screen a bit, but lower the threshold drastically/noteably/pertinently?

Well, I am not against to lower the treshold to about 100k USD at the moment, but after some tim, if we set it in XYMs and XYMs will rise in USD value, then you will have the same problem, as it is now. So how you want to manage it based on XYM value you hold when XYM value is changing every day?

Всем привет,

Несколько лет назад была создана телеграм группа для владельцев супернод NEM, в которой обсуждались ключевые темы и технические вопросы. Поэтому мы решили что можно было бы добавить юзеров Symbol с аналогичным складом ума, не беспокоясь о поддельных аккаунтах.

Будет запущен процесс, который позволит пользователям Symbol и NEM присоединиться к данной телеграм группе. Для этого вам будет необходимо подтвердить, что вы владеете 3 миллионами XEM или 1 миллионом XYM.

Что необходимо сделать, чтобы присоединиться к группе Супернод NEM/SYMBOL:

  1. С помощью зашифрованного сообщения (укажите ваш никнейм в телеграм), и отправьте XEM транзакцию, на этот адрес: NCRUN2LAVAVMNJCA25W5LHC4JARMIPE7TBXGW2BJ

  2. С помощью зашифрованного сообщения (укажите ваш никнейм в телеграм), и отправьте XYM транзакцию, на этот адрес: NDQBVQERGA6IMQL6M5QTQZSWCBQNCAFHZ372FNQ

  • Мы проведем проверку на достаточное количество средств на вашем счете.

Если по какой-либо причине вам не нравится данный процесс или вы не можете отправлять зашифрованные сообщения, свяжитесь с @cryptoBeliever в телеграме.

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Would you let me be your remora? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: