[Testnet] Disappear Mosaic SOLVED

Hi, I have a mosaic with ID, cashierbshop0001:435_prd959. I have transacted this mosaic a several times but when in the latest transaction, it was transferred to an account with address TAJBFZLSWZ53BVFNKMFKVMV7CHMK4ESZV5EHB4LV. However, when I browse the account in the NEM explorer it shows nothing in the owned mosaics but when I check the rich list in the mosaic detail page, it shows the address TAJBFZLSWZ53BVFNKMFKVMV7CHMK4ESZV5EHB4LV has 1 quantity of the mosaic. Do anyone faced this problem before? Please help, Thank you.

Mosaic Detail:

Account that suppose to have the mosaic:

Hi, have a look here:




Your wallet should display the correct amount.
(@gd_kuaile ?)

cashierbshop0001 namespace expired.

All mosaics for this namespaces expired too.

I recreated the namespace, and my mosaic is back now. Thanks for the help @garm @CryptoBeliever

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