[testnet] NEM node delay synchronization

I set up a testnet node using the NIS standalone package downloaded from https://nem.io/downloads/. Before this it has no problem on synchronizing but recently it becomes much slower and its running 200+ blocks behind (referring to the block heights). I also downloaded the newest version of the package from https://bob.nem.ninja/ but it still doesn’t help. I search every solution in this forum and I tried everyone of them (including changing the script, the heap size) but it still delay. Can I know what is the problem of this?

How much memory is allocated in start script for node?

Hello, I think I found the problem, my node keep synchronizing with a node that is hundreds block behind which is “Hi, I am MedAlice2”, current block height in this node is 2365097 as referring to https://testnet-explorer.nemtool.com/#/nodelist. Is there a possible way to change the node for synchronizing like to “HugeTestAlice2” which is more real time (current block height = 2365370)

Btw the memory I allocated is -Xms1024M -Xmx1536M, as maximum as my computer can handle for now.

@CryptoBeliever Here is my log file in case you needed it. log.pdf (1.1 MB)

Errors that I have noticed are:

  1. INFO synchronizeNodeInternal -> chain
    inconsistent: calling undoTxesAndGetScore() (18 blocks).
  2. INFO skipping refresh of blacklisted node: Node

The second one I found a topic in this forum related to it and the problem they mentioned there is insufficient memory so I’m using a higher memory (another computer) to test. While the first one I’m not sure about it