Testnet Symbol API Down

Hi Team,

Looks like symbol APIs to interface with the Symbol test network is down. Here is the API i am using to explore the platform capabilities:



Node you mentioned works now.
Last announcement and nodes upgraded to latest version can be found here:

Buenos días, estoy tratando de conectarme a una serie de nodos de prueba pero ninguno de ellos al parecer está activo:

Entre otros.

This is the one I am using and seems to be working fine when I try to monitor the network using symbol cli:

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Gracias por su respuesta.

¿Como puedo contactarlo?.

All nodes that i´m testing give me the folllow message:
{“code”:“ResourceNotFound”,“message”:"/ does not exist"}

But, when i test de ping and telnet, those nodes seem to be available
When i search in my browser the nodes, aren´t available

http://direction-node:3000 or 7900

{“code”:“ResourceNotFound”,“message”:"/ does not exist"}

Because you are using wrong endpoints. That’s why you get 404.
You must show what request you made. Without it I will be not able to help you.

Hi, thanks for your response.
Only i try to create an account with the follow command:
Symbol-cli generate - - network TEST_NET
I am follow the official symbol documents:

You should use port 3000 (for example http://api-02.ap-northeast-1.0941-v1.symboldev.network:3000/).


All the parameters looks fine except the node url, I am not sure where did you get the
I have used the symbol node url suggested by cryptobliver to generate the account with symbol cli.

You can also look at using Symbol Wallet to generate the account using UI:

Thanks you so much, I used UI for the create the account.