Thank You NEM Community + Team


It’s 4:30 in the morning here but I want to say congratulations to our newly elected ExCo and Council: I want to say congratulations to our newly elected ExCo and Council: Nelson Valero, Jason Lee, Dona Rinon, Jeff McDonald, Mark Price, Pedro Gutierrez, Steve Li, Anton Bosenko, and Hiroki Koga

I am honored to work alongside this new team as well as our global teams and our passionate community as your new President. There were many other NEM leaders who stepped forward and took a risk during this election. To those who put in so much effort but didn’t get the votes, you have my respect and admiration. The Foundation needs people like you.

There’s still a lot to discuss about what happens next. You’ll be hearing more from our team in the coming days. Throughout this election I have said that NEM belongs to the community and I am committed to ensure your voices are heard. At the same time, I’d like to ask everyone to turn the page to the next chapter so we can focus on our goals.

I want to thank everyone involved in NEM, our partners, our Supernode owners, our devs, and our global teams for your continuous support of NEM.

We are here today thanks to your collective voices, talents and your endless contributions of time, energy, and code. Thank you.



Congratulations, it’s your time to change things. What will be your first action as president?? :tada::tada::tada::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::blush:


Congratulations Alex, well said.
Looking forward to working with you and the community in the coming months.


Congratulations, Alex!


Congrats Alex!!


Congratulations, I believe you will do an excellent job at the helm!

Good to see you have the backing of the community as well …


@Alex - You have brought peace to this valley. :smiley: Congratulations


おめでとうございます、Alex! :tada:




Congratulations Alex, Waiting to see the new changes.
Looking forward to ride with you.


Congratulations Alex and new team!


Thank you for running as a candidate in the election. I appreciate you showing leadership and support for NEM. It is not overlooked that you put yourself out there for the greater good - thank you again.


Let us continue to work together as we believe in the power of that NEM as the blockchain platform of choice in the spirit of decentralisation!


Congratulations to the new team! I think we saw a lot of divisiveness in this election and lack of communication…I am really hoping for more communication and transparency in the future. There was also a lot of talk from NF employees who saw the toxicity of the elections and feared for the stability of their jobs- while KPIs should be set and NF employees should be accountable to performance- I think the ugliness of the race meant that fears became rampant. Hope that the new council will have more mature discourse- and that the next elections isn’t about who is trying to “destroy” the community but about who can help build NEM better.


I must say, a lot of positives came out of the election process.
Lot of energy, ideas and got to know more about some Nembers!
The council is solid and bring more hope to the table. The future is looking brighter by the day.
Congrats, kick *ss, learn, grow, improve and enjoy the journey.

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Good morning Team, it makes me a great pleasure to be with you here … I ask a council to the comunity:

  • I wanted to understand from you how I can make a video or Catalog in Spanish that explain how to participate in the transaction of our currency XEM.
    Days ago I created a Simple nanomallet of XEM, and I would like to participate in the Nem cosecha, having a NODO.
    I informed myself that for a knot I need to invest in 10,000 XEM, this is not a problem I can do it. But I need a video guide to perform the node setup procedure. Appearance reply of you and whom should I contact? , happy 2019 to all, thank you very much.


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