Thats the main reason of crash NEM price for a lot of community members




also mind, that Q4 might not happen, as doing release in December would be less than wise.

I think this started off falling when one of the Devs made some comment about not being wise to release Catapult in December. Price movement was a gradual decline before then.

very unproffesional post

more than 100 millions down from these post


I think no start Q4 catapult. Never back top 30 market. Down to 0.01$ or 100 sat. I angry with foundation this month

Please explain yourself. I would like to hear arguments behind this statement.

I made that comment on twitter. I always believed it is RIGHT thing to keep the community informed. How is that unprofessional?


because simple think… you had tell something which maybe true maybe not true…
and community take it as negative,
because the story and time you post was incorrect.
Why you do not wait to see and post it at end of 2019.
Why post it to early for what reason to now what???
if is true or not? …

think that ETH CORE DEV come out and tell that ETH2 (maybe) not come out at 2020 because bla bla bla.
ETH price will be crashed from one uproffesional post.
but if you see people at ETH does not tell anything.
simple post a photo of their code…
and leave the community think positive…
your post was very negative
and big fault is maybe you are wrong
and catapult will be out soon!!!
so what you do then …
you will twitter another post tell that you are wrong?

why on earth would anyone take it as a negative?

I’d rather delay release, than release not properly tested server. I think that’s a no-brainer.


and make EVERYONE unhappy?

how is that too early? what are the measures you use for “too early” / “too late”?

sorry, but you have to be kidding.

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Why you do not wait to see and post it at end of 2019.

and make EVERYONE unhappy?

so you are SURE that catapult will be not out at end of 2019?

Why post it to early for what reason to now what???

how is that too early? what are the measures you use for “too early” / “too late”?

too early mean too early before NEM FOUNDATION news about catapult
before end 2019
and now with your post you make everyone happy?
will be better to do at end of 2019
untill then BTC WILL BE HIGH
and these post will not have so much crashed price of NEM
you must think the whole ecosystem

if you post it at end of 2019 and maybe untill then btc price is almost 20k
NEM price will be much higher
so no crashed down NEM PRICE
simple mathematics!!!


You’re not really answering any of my questions, you’re not giving any rationale.

What you’ve stated so far are YOUR opinions and opinions only.

that is not math at all, those are at most SPECULATIONS.

thats the whole market work from 2013 that i am at crypto market
i know better i think

To be honest, Nembers should thank for Gimre’s twitter. Otherwise, you will know the truth after 2 or 3 months.I think that situation is just worse. At least , We maybe have little time to resolve now. @jelin1984.


NEM is now officially a dead coin. I knew it last year and 2020 will be far more worse.

0.01-0.015$ 2020
0.005-0.0075$ 2021
Foundation and project terminated 2022


NEM is a blockchain … not a coin. There are nodes that are running. Isn´t it?

how is dead coin with new wallets every 3 days
for catapult nem2 coin

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