The Chaincoin Revolution

I Just came across this article while browsing.
In hindsight this article was extremely misleading and since, many people lost a lot of money investing into this Chaincoin hype.
It was big on YouTube in 2017 and turned into what was allegedly nothing more than a simple pump and dump.

In July 2017 Chaincoin quickly rose from a few cents up to around $5.00, then within a few days the price interestingly plummeted to lows of around 30 cents and continued to plummet.
I think it trades at around .02 cents now and is probably not on any exchanges, leaving many investors devastated.

It really makes this article look foolish since the whole piece appears to embrace ‘‘Chaincoin hodlers’’ as a legitimate movement.

Beware what you read, even if it is printed by a fairly reputable website.

BTW. This was around the time I was looking to buy into the crypto market, thankfully I never bought into Chaincoin as I never really found anything in my research that proved Chaincoin did anything much at all.
I watched all of it fall to piece’s via various YouTube channels and it was a bloodbath.

Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised when I found Nem around the same time (my first forum post July 2017), and have happily been sitting in the back rows ever since.



Thanks for your post and the article provided. This information is really valuable, and I think a little friendly reminder of DYOR wouldn’t be harmful. Better to stick to coins which are tested by people and have real potential. Btw, happy to hear you managed not to fall for that. Carry on :slight_smile:

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