The difference between nano wallet and mobile wallet?


I joined an ico program which supports xem, i sent xem from my mobile wallet, and use the same wallet address to receive future tokens. But when i check their guide page, it’s about how to install Desktop Nano Wallet and Retrieve nem address. So i don’t know whether i can receive tokens while i am providing the address from mobile wallet? I hope i can get an answer here.


You can, but I’m not sure if the mobile wallet supports those tx so you might not see them.


Yes you can use your mobile wallet address.
Mobile wallet doesn’t support mosaics so it will be not visible there.

You can export your account to nanowallet.

First export your private key from mobile wallet. Go to more > export account > show private key. Copy in safe place.

Next import into nanowallet. Sign up > Private key wallet option. Put there your private key from mobile wallet, choose password and wallet name. Next login.


Does Atomic wallet support NEM (or XEM)? I thought it did, - but I didn’t see it listed in the wallet or on the assets page . . . (

Does any one know? It says it supports Pundi (NXPS) so I’d assumed it would need to support/ include the NEM blockchain. Thanks in advance.


Yes. It supports XEM.
Pundi available in wallet is ERC20 token not NEM mosaic (PundiX has both).


Thanks. Two questions: A) Is that the mobile wallet and B) Did you have to add it manually or download something additional? I didn’t see it in the list of assets. Thanks again.




Yes. It’s mobile wallet. Maybe on desktop wallet it’s not released yet.


@babayaga in latest (2.1.0) desktop Atomic Wallet NEM is available.

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Awesome! Thanks for the info.

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