The face of the NEM & SYMBOL

I thought about brands and how ordinary people perceive them.

If you look at successful projects showing a steady upward trend - Bitcoin ( Satoshi Nakamoto ), Ethereum ( Vitalik Buterin ), Tron ( Justin Sun ), Ripple ( Brad Garlinghouse ), BNB ( CZ ), etc. - behind each of them is a specific person with whom the project is associated and whom people know and trust. Dogecoin recently = Elon Musk.

Such a leader was also in NEM and the project showed excellent growth dynamics - Lon Wong. His management and business style is not the subject of this discussion. But the fact is that NEM was in the first 5 on CMC and there was no person who would not know NEM. What do we have now?

Looking at the current dynamics of the NEM project’s development, it cannot be put on a par with the above projects and many other developing projects and call the dynamics positive. On the contrary, against the background of the past bull market, had negative dynamics.

I am in no way trying to underestimate the contribution to the development of the current team. They did a great job. I want to emphasize that NEM/SYMBOL needs one strong leader who would be known throughout the crypto community (not just NEM community). So that his name is instantly associated with NEM / SYMBOL.

It will be interesting to read what do you think about this?


There are some interesting points made above. I agree - we could really do with more exposure, and would benefit by having a ‘crypto face’ represent us.

However, my main concern at the moment is that the top guys - David Shaw and Anthony Welfare, are nowhere to be seen.

I appreciate they have so much to do, but think they should still be contributing to posts on this forum, Telegram, Twitter etc.

Just a post here and there to instill confidence in Symbol would be especially helpful now - with the markets going crazily down.

There was a post on these forums recently, asking for David Shaw’s input/help I think it would have been prudent for him to have contributed (even if he couldn’t help).
Potential investors visiting this forum, wouldn’t have been encouraged by the lack of help given.

There is talk of Symbol being an ‘exit scam’.
Obviously none of us want that rumour to gain traction, so again, Symbols leaders need to interact more with the community - just the occasional tweet, post would go a long way in my opinion.

So why I agree with Graf_de that it would be great to have a popular/famous face as our leader, the ones we already have should be enough to take us forward, we just need to see and hear from them a bit more, and they need to reassure a possible worried community, that the future is bright.