The first batch of NEM polo shirts for sale

Want NEM Polo shirt? Our e-commerce guy 自由 has announced his special stored products for overseas NEMbers.
This is all what he has left for the first batch.
dark blue
M 2 L 3 XXXL1
light gray
M 1 XL 1 XXL 1 XXXL1
S 2 M 2 L 2

The price of the shirts are 7500 XEMs

Shipping price:

Europe & America:
12000 XEMs for 1or2, 3500XEMs for each 1or2 after that.

Asia pacific:
7500 XEMs for 1or2, 2500XEMs for each 1or2 after that.

Here’s the size chart:
Size Shoulder chest length tall weight

Weight is in half kgs.

If you want it, please send the color and quantity you want, your recipient’s address, phone number, name in english encrypted to NDUE5Q-XXWJPV-TUBUQN-P2FPWW-GM2VNR-GKROXO-I2GR

You may send mutiple messages if the length is not enough.

As we have limited supplies, first send first get, if we’re running out of supplies, the orders will be rejected and you will get refund.

You could pm ronel from telegram if you have any questions, might not be active here.



Conspiracy theory is never good for your health, I’m one of the initiate contributors, wanna sort me out?

hi, I’m interested to buy t-shirts. Do I order it here? And whats the recipient’s account to send the XEM?

Sorry, the first batch of poloshirt is sold out, We’ll make t shirts for the second batch, it’s under design now, may need some time, we’ll update here when it’s ready.

Thank you.

Your T-shirts are really awsome Jst let us know when you have your second slot out we also need to order for the same . So that we can print our log’s with our designer tool and get it out.

thank you for sharing nice stuff

Very cool! And of course with full cotton traceability, courtesy of Origins for the next batches :slight_smile:

And I just earned my Enthusiast badge!
Does that also get me a free polo too? Navy blue, size L, please :sunglasses:

Dark blue one looks so sweet.

I wanna have this shirt, please tell me how can I have them or are they still available or not…